Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A blast from the OCA past...

My "daughters" and I...velvet on the right!
nice shot of David E and I...cuz Scott on the way right
do you see yourself, velvet?
Mrs. W on the left, Mrs Y (me) middle, Deb, right Mrs. W in the center, I'm on the right
This one's for you, Velvet and Mrs. W. The pictures i have been searching for! I found a slew of old Christian school photo's so I will have to go thru them to see who I can embarrass and all that fun stuff.
~~In the first two pix, you will find me with some schoolmates (and fellow blogger Velvet, lovely girl)...we were in a play and she was one of my kids...ha ha!! go to your room! you're grounded. Velvet is the lovely in the yellow...you look so precious in the big bow...there's a 'do you forgot about! #2, do you see your bro?...he is coming out of the top of David E's skull...I forgot how cute J was!! and this pic on my post doesn't do him any justice...but it is definitely him!!
~~Pic #3...lemme know if you can find yourself...my cuz Scott is in the center...you are somewhere nearby.
~~Pic #4...some cheerleading memories for you, Mrs. W...those were definitely the days! Deb is in here with us as well...whatta squad!! We are the Warriors, the mighty, mighty Warriors. we're A-W-E-S-O-M-E, totally awesome!! ya gotta love the formation pose...back in the day when I could get on someone's shoulders. (hee hee, poor Becky S)...Mrs. W is on the tippy top...tiny girl!! and what is super funny about this? We are posing in the church sanctuary/auditorium. I guess if one is going to get hurt, that is the place to do it!!

Pic #5 is just sheer cheese. but i love my red/white Nike cheerleading shoes. I felt soooooo cool in those kicks, as well as in that swell culotte cheer "skort"...yikes. what was I thinking, honestly, to be a cheerleader? sweaters in hot places?? what?? I would never think to do that now...that is nuts!

Ok, well I feel so much better now that I have located this top pic. So glad to be in contact with some "old" friends!! lovely girls, both of ya!! thanks for letting me walk down memory lane again!


velvet said...

i am laughing so hard right now! the hair bows, the perms, the skorts!! and dave eastman! am i crazy or was he missing some toes? did we ever cheer on the same squad? i don't remember - or maybe i just blocked out most of my oca days :) and yes, i found me in that second pix! those bangs had a mind of their own back then.

athomemama said...

You are right on..that boy had 6 toes...compliments of a lawn mower. I think you cheered the year after I did...you did it for a few years though, right? one year was enough for me...skorts and hot sweaters..put me right over the edge. I think all of our bangs had little minds back then...that was the beauty of it, right?? how high could we get them???

becky said...

I love the pic of you, velvet and Toot. I've always loved that pic. I would imagine that's how we both would look when we're 70. (Minus the nice smooth skin...)

beablessn said...

I had to laugh. Forgot how crazy those cheerleading outfits were. Remember stepping on the skorts while trying not to fall off the mount? Remember falling off the mount? The saddle shoe tennis shoes..the turtle necks underneath the oversized sweaters
The horrible perm right before those pictures were taken..I ended up with a fro. Look again at that black and white. It's an obvious fro. lol Oh yes, these photos should've stayed hidded. ;)