Thursday, February 2, 2012

Installment #3 Fort Morgan Pt. 2...

the view from the 7th floor corner balcony

Ethan and Dad.

pelicans are cool.

I love history.

a barge awaiting clearance to go somewhere else.

this picture reminds me of vacation...and when I took it, I thought mine would last forever. or at least longer than it did. ha ha. this is Mobile Bay, I think.

on our way up...

there's the fort. amazing.

oil rig coolness.

more forty pix

just plain ol cool

this is for you, Tom.
and so is this....

David came out of this claustrophobic hallway and told me NOT to go in. I didn't but wow, whatta pic, eh? imagine being in here during an invasion? I'd rather die.

back down, into the Fort.

gotta love a good ramp

Levi, not your sharpest picture. Love the little moat around Morgan.

Where's Levi?

cool. just plain cool.
look closely...

David found some tadpoles.

this is Will.

this is Levi.

this is cool.

and so is this. 

as is this...

like the turquoise door

just cool...I will dig out my brochure that explains what these places are...but for now...

I will be back later to caption these (maybe) and update y'all on the comings and goings of our lives. I know you are dying to know. Mom and Dad, you just may be...surely it's tooooo quiet down there in the condo.

Happy 31st Thursday as a Heavenly inhabitant, sweet Jack Oliver Young.


Anonymous said...

Happy February! I love your pictures and hearing stories of exotic beach vacays. It makes me happy to know that someone is enjoying the beach in my absence. teehee...Seriously, I am so glad that you had a nice time. And, I hope that you have a nice weekend,


Duane and Shellee said...

I live seeing the pictures of the ocean and the forts, how cool! Did you all make it to downtown for any SuperBowl festivities? Looks pretty cool down there! Hugs to you my friend!!!