Wednesday, February 8, 2012

30 Days of Photography

Day 3: Clouds. Lots of 'em here in Indiana. Take THAT, Ansel Adams.

Day 9: Part 1: Someone you love ( I love David )

Day 5: From a high angle

Day 4: Something Green

Day 6: From a low angle. Can you see my stars and Valentine banner?

Day 1: Self Portrait ... someone needs to wash their hair.

Day 2: Something you wore today (my hands look more like my mom's every day)

Day 8: A bad habit (whip with coffee)

Day 9: Part 2: Someone(s) you love
and there are plenty more where these rascals came from.

Day 7: Fruit
Even when I choose the photos, in ORDER, so they will upload in order, they come up, out of order.
So dang it for trying.... :)

No, really....I'm ok with it. I do love this challenge already.  now, if I'd actually PRINT out some pictures, I'd be doing very well.

This is a nice addition to the 1,000 Gifts challenge that I'm still doing. I'm a journaler. (my computer says that is not a word. whatever). So these daily tasks of putting JOY in my face are so good for my journals and scrapbooks. really, I do need a good system for printing out pix. I. am. so. behind.

Someday, when I die, my kids will have so much reading to do. :) some of it, probably testy. some sad. some JOYFUL. hopefully, all of it's HOPEFUL.

This, Tory, will also be a good reason to get me to my blog EVERYDAY. At least for a 21 more days. dontcha think? gotta give you something to look to while you are working on your dissertation...or is that dessertation...yum, dessert.

Today was a lovely day...woke to a smattering of the white stuff and deep cold. We've gotten pretty spoiled in Indiana this year with a milder than usual winter. I thank the Lord for that. A lot.

I woke to prepare for my 2nd Wednesday of volunteering at OMS. I met Carolyn today. she asked me how many kids I had. I told her 5...6. She asked how old my youngest was. How do you NOT tell someone Jack's story when they ask like that? She was very compassionate and it feels wonderful to work on my story of what to tell folks when they ask. I saw Valetta again. She is inspiration at it's very finest...I could get used to these meetings. Marty, David, Aiko, Shatomi (surely I'm misspelling this name but hope I'm not), Helen, whose 22 year old grandson, Nate, newly married, is undergoing research to find out what kind of rare cancer is invading his very young body. I know that sweet woman would appreciate any prayers you can offer. Marty's meal of enchiladas were a hit with all of the OMS staff in attendance.

Tomorrow is a busy day...I guess it's actually tomorrow right now.

We start our homeschool co-op up again after a long holiday break. Levi and Molly will be involved in Valentine's Day parties. How exciting is this?? They are both pretty stoked about this and I hope to have some pix to post here tomorrow night since I've already done Day 9 of 30 Days.

Okiedokie. Hope you are doing well, wherever you are...We are doing very well...moment by sweet little freckle-faced moments.

Hugs to you. until tomorrow.....................................................................


Anonymous said...

Okay, so, I must admit I am going to get spoiled, and then, whammo, the rug will get pulled out from under me. ;) But, that being said, I do know that it will be a blessing to have it while I do work. You truly inspire me. And, I do really think of you often, if you don't believe me (by me stalkiing you). I was walking on campus today when I saw a quote by our former beloved basketbally coach, Kay Yow, that died from a long struggle with breast cancer. She said: "If life kicks you, let it kick you forward". And, of course, I thought of myself first; but, you weren't too far behind. I know that you are trying to live this; so, I thought that this quote would be a fun one to share.

Love all of the pix, and I absolutely LOVE this challenge.

Valentine's party sounds like so much fun. We are even having one in the watercolor class that I am taking, and I am excited. An adult excited about what some say is a made up day. My favorite part of the day? It's just a reminder to tell people that you care.

Glad that you finally got some snow. I won't tell you that the daffodils are already blooming here. teeheehee...

Hugs, T

P.S. I want to apologize in advance to you and your mailman. Some of the cards that I made lately, I tried to decorate the outside like you do, but I used a "non-water" based inkpad. Well, it never really dries if you put too much on (which is what happened), and it is a little tacky when you touch it and may come off a little on your hand (found this out as I was dropping it into the mailbox). So, like I said, lesson learned.

Duane and Shellee said...

Hi Laurie! I have to say I love that you are blogging so much!! I think of you and try to pray for you each day when I read your blog. Love the photography challenge...if the day ever comes that I have more free time, I would LOVE to learn more about photography. :-). Hope your kiddos have fun at their valentine parties. Looking forward to the next blog! I think it's great you have a ministry to work with each week!

Hugs and prayers,