Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Post whatever # I'm at...Tuesday Jan 24 continued...

Dad and I aren't pictured here...we are at King Neptune's here.

outdoor kitchen at LuLu's (overpriced but very cool) restaurant.

I think I love this iridescent tile for MY backsplash. cool?

Next we headed to the nearly abandoned "The Track" go karts, putt putt, and other things. We were the only people here.

fun times



Levi and Molly were the only kids on these rides. Talk about some one on one time.

Very thrilling!

Ferris Wheel mini style

back to the condo....I'd never get sick of this view.

Will really came to grips with his fear of heights this week. I'm really proud of you, fella!

Here he is with his old, tired mom.

By this time, Molly was just plain ol' done cooperating for the day.

Dad was semi-cooperative

This was the day that Ethan began his fishing hobby. no, he never caught anything.
But he didn't give up.

glorious. Mom and Dad? make sure you are enjoying this for me tonight, k?
Can I just say how incredible it is to be alive today?

I began my morning with a friend that I hold dear for many reasons...but some of the main ones are because she's just down right funny, she loves the Lord Jesus Christ very much, she's willing to drive a little ways to meet me at Sbux, and she is very patient with me, as I babble on, I met her at West. Morris St. Free Methodist back in 1999...Stephanie, I had a wonderful time with you and I look forward to our March meet-up, my friend. Thank you for the coffee and friendship.

Melanie and I spent an hour or so at the mall this afternoon. A few years ago, I met my friend, JoEllen, at Macy's. She was working textiles, we got talking about Facebook, I friended her, she has been a source of encouragement to me anyways but definitely thru the loss of Jack. I heard this melodic voice behind me say "So what are the Young's up to today??" and there she was! Big hugs, a few little tears, more hugs...words of encouragement in Christ. Thank you, JoEllen...it was so cool to get to see you today!

Spent some time with my favorite 13 year old beauty, a girl who has no enemies...but is struggling with some normal teenaged ordeals...I know Mel would appreciate your prayers. There really is nothing quite like having the opportunity to pray with your daughter over burdens of her heart...my cup runneth over.

Sherry and John had Molly and Levi come help pack some boxes today...Bryan even joined up. Can I say how awesome it is to have those saints in town with us? Last year, they moved here from KS and have just blessed our socks off ever since. We love you guys immensely.

I am reminded, continually, just how good God is, how no small detail is unknown to Him and how much He loves me, us.

Hopefully you'll have a chance to hug the ones you are with, tell them how much they mean to you and you can even jot down their name in your Joy Journal. I know I've got some names to add today. And some names to re-add. again and again.

God is good. all the time.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, I could really get spoiled with this blog-a-day! And, despite what you may think, I am not taking a moment of this for granted. I love seeing this glimpse into your life and to hear about the amazing people that God places in your path (to include your family).

All the best, Tory

Laurie and company said...

well hang on to your hat then, dear cousin...cuz I have big plans to blog at least every other day.
all the best to you too...
love ya bunches.