Monday, February 6, 2012

Fort Morgan Part Deux

walking into the spookery

This place was really cool...


just stop and imagine what's happened on this plot of earth.

walking out of the fort

into this spookalicious brick hallway.

the Fort Morgan museum and one of the cannons that was used there.

my guys, coming out a bit after us. David is the kinda guy that likes to stop and read EVERYTHING. and that is one of the things I love about him.

Dad wanted his picture in front of the oil rig. It was a foggy day so rather hard to see anything on the water.

Will and Grandpa by the cool lighthouse light. magical.

Ethan by a model of the USS Alabama, which they went to see on the Wednesday of our trip. as I've blogged previously.

Will and a big gun

Ethan and a big gun. It was while standing in this grass that I was eaten nearly alive by fire ants (at least that's what I think they were) and I broke out in bites that looked like white heads all over my left ankle. Still itches, just so ya know. Now we know why the signs on the other guns said Keep off the Grass. 

Hey look, I was there! and so was Molly.
This was the sad tale of Col Stewart, whose head was severed from his body when they were trying to convert cannons to guns or something like that. bottom left is a letter that his friend wrote to Mrs. Stewart. and stuff that was in his pocket in the explosion, paper and other piece is part of the explosion, that probably took the poor fella's head clean off. 

upper right is a pic of Col Stewart and a little bench that he used. I love history.

can't remember what these buildings were, bunkers? I dunno...will have to dig my brochure out...but I do know that they were very eerie and spooky.

see what I mean?? yo?

kinda remind me of concentration camps...but not.

a better pic of the oil rig in between two historical houses at the Fort.

again, spooky.

I really enjoyed being at Fort Morgan. Being on historical soil is a gift.

Though, I've been having dreams, vivid ones, of haunted houses and maybe it's good that I'm not on soil often that is so rich with history of death and war. I could just be talking outta my bum but it's affecting me.

I think our next trip will be to Graceland....David and I need a couple getaway and that just may be the place for us to go.  All that Elvisy history...

I'm doing a photography challenge with my cousin, on Facebook, so I will try to post those on here too. Which will surely get me on my blog more regularly.

So much going on...we definitely got back into town and took right back off on busy.

A few highlights...

1.)  OMS. OMGosh. I love that place. I had the opportunity to volunteer in the kitchen there last week. I worked with Marty (who was a missionary in Japan for almost 30 years) and Helen, and a few more people. I held Marty's 7 month old granddaughter, whose name I know but I'm unsure of the Japanese spelling. I think because it was a little girl that is Jack's age, that made it ok. Baby steps. I held her and imagined it was Jack (for a minute). Would he be a chatterbox like she was? Probably, so he'd be heard above all the sibs. Would he be rosy cheeked? Yes, I think so. I look at the pix of the night he died and I'm in awe of his perfection. His perfection here and his perfection in glory. He was beautiful. I miss him incredibly but I'm loving and appreciating (mostly) the time I have with his 5 siblings.

All that to say that Jack is everywhere for me...even at a local (amazing) One Mission Society, who does such incredible work for the Lord, here on earth. How cool to be in such close proximity to missionaries that are retired, missionaries current, and missionaries that are preparing to head to the field? I look forward to being involved at this ministry for the rest of my life.

2.) Renewed appreciation and vigor in my role as mom/wife/teacher/friend/encourager. I'm so thankful that I have a husband that will sit and talk with me, hold me accountable, hash things out with me and continue to commit himself to my well being. He even lets me talk about Jack without rolling his eyes, like "aren't you over that yet??" It's been interesting for us to grieve together, always at different places.

3.)  Big things on the horizon for David's flooring system/company. I will write more about this later. Again, I'm so glad to get to watch him promote his business and such...and always in praise to God for the blessing of loving his occupation so much!

4.)  I know I have so many other things to blog about, like my dental appointment today (I know you are dying to know how my filling went...I know) and visits with great friends, but I'm drawing a blank here right now. Not sure what's up with me...maybe it's the THREE shots I got in my mouth today...yeee-ikes. In the meantime, Tory...know that I'm working on a letter for you tonight and hope you know how grateful I am, always, that you take the time to write an old fashioned letter to me.

Much love to you...(and one week from tomorrow is Ethan's SIXTEENTH birthday, which reminds me, he wants to have a roller skating party in March so be on the look out for the info on that!!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, a Facebook post and two blog entries...this certainly is my lucky day (and, I didn't even have to wait until St. Pat's...insert smile here)! Speaking of the dentist, do you know that I used to love going? But, after the last couple of trips, I really hate it. As a matter of fact, I would rather work on my dissertation. Bwahahahahaha....

I love all of the pix and the updates. But, what amazed me most was that it was Shellee's comment that made me cry this time. Who knew? I think that I "steel" myself for your posts, but I didn't adequately prepare for hers. Oh well, I love that she is so awesome and sweet, and can say the right thing to even make my day.

Can I just vote for the 2012 family Christmas picture (you could even do one of the collages this year...but, be sure to include it)? I vote for the turtle picture. That is simply AWESOME!

So, hugs to you and your sweet family, and prayers always, Tory