Friday, February 17, 2012

for your Friday evening viewing pleasure...

awww. sweet baby friends.
June 9, 2007. two girls with two baby girls in utero.
mi mama with her two baby girls...I resemble a man here.

found this pic (oh. my. gosh) of me from last April/May..with that sweet boy who's been with Jesus for 33 Thursdays now, in my womb. I think my pants were falling off here...don't miss maternity jeans. but then again, yeah, I do. yes, i still wear this maternity sweatshirt. (I love it!!)

love #2 and #5.  2011

I know I'm one day behind, now two, on the 30 day photog challenge...and I will get that all caught up this weekend.
I didn't want to leave you stranded (Tashena, Tory, Dad....) so for your Friday evening fun, pull up a couch, grab your bag of popcorn and I will be back to update this later on.

For now, I'm pulling taxi duty...taking Mel to Kaleo and going shopping (oh, dear) with my adorably thoughtful husband.



Anonymous said...

I did just that. I pulled up my chair and enjoyed. After a long, weird day, I can always count on you to make me smile! :-D. Be safe. Luv ya, Tory

Anonymous said...

Love the pics- especially with you and Beck, and of course
The one with your mamma. Hope you have a great weekend!