Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 13, Day 14, and a beautiful text picture.

My Valentine to you...
Day 13: Me with 13 things...can you guess what these 13 things are? I will give a prize to the first correct guess. for real. yo.

Day 14: Eyes.
a rather intense close up. but so neat to see how different yet similar our eyes are. This is me (left) and Melanie (right, naturally) and she really does have nicely shaped eyebrows, as our eyebrow expert has mentioned. Oh the things these eyes have seen in the past year....the tears that have been shed and continue to be shed, daily.

I. love. this. picture. I did not take it.
My sweet, sweet, dear, amazingly joyful friend, Jodi (her blog is on the sidebar  "Sweet Simplicity).
I received this pic via text today. We were coming back from eating at El Meson for E's birthday.
I loved that someone was visiting Jack's final resting spot.
But the name didn't pop up.
Since my phone was stolen back in Nov, I'd lost a looooot of phone numbers.
Jodi's was one of them.
I asked who this was from and wow, thanks for visiting...
Jodi's text said that her boys, Josh and Matthew, wanted Jack to have a snowman.
Hence the adorable little snowman.
I just love this.
I am just in awe.
I realize that I am blessed...even thru this facet of my life, that I will carry the rest of my days...
but it's always so very comforting when God sends reminders that He never lets go. Ever. (enter the David Crowder Band song playing right now "Never Let  Go")
Even when you're on your face, on your bedroom floor, doing "push ups" and you realize you are in the spot where your baby boy's crib SHOULD be and you cry like the day he died...

blown away. Thank you, Lord.
I'm listening.

So, this post does not contain any pictures of our sweet Valentine boy, Ethan James Young....I am in the midst of digging thru pix to add some new ones to my iPhoto library...so I will hope to have his birthday post finished before midnight.

The kids are scurrying to get their V-day cards done so we can have our cupcakes, celebrate love and Ethan, and hunker down for the evening (feels so good to have day #4 of my buttkicking exercising done)

Be back...

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, looks like journals to me! Seriously, you have that many? I like to keep notes, but nothing like that. You are a serious journaler aren't you? I am certainly in awe. And, I am more in awe of the continued outpouring of love and rememberances of baby Jack. I, especially, love that little snowman. So cool.

Hope that you had a wonderfully festive day,