Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 25-28 and then some...

little birdie house painters

gotta work on the cheesy grin, Moll.

such focus...

I think this is where Molly had fallen off the stool. as usual.

Happy Birthday, Beck. We met Scott, Beck and the girls (late) at El Meson last night. Poor Piper was sick but it was nice to be in one of our favorite restaurants on Beck's day. Loveyou, sissy.

Day 26: A close up

Day 27: From a long distance
Not sure what all the jazz is on the red rug...

Day 28: Flowers on some of my favorite scrapbook paper, since there are no flowers anywhere here.

Good afternoon.
Hope you are well.
I'm not. I'm physically sick and emotionally. but that's nothing new. I will seek the Great Physician, since He is the one constant Friend and Good in my life. Chris Rice's song, Untitled Hymn-Come to Jesus, is playing loudly in my head.

anyways, Just wanted to get these pix on the bloggeroo since I know my parents depend on news from the north. Mom, Dad, I'm posting a video of Molly on FB, as she danced to BTR this morning. It's loading now.

Note: We don't advocate a steady stream of questionable music...we have found that Big Time Rush is, as of now, pretty clean and it's good for exercise. and Molly dancing!!

I'll be back later...


Jamie said...

Untitled Hymn....ahhh, that was my undoing last Sunday. Heard it on the way to Church and thus started the weepy week. Today though, I literally had a rainbow (small part of one) directly in front of me all the way to work. Sweet. Thank you Jesus! I needed it. Hope you feel better soon. You know, physically. The other, I know isn't really gonna go away any time soon. Hugs, Jamie

Anonymous said...

Your postings about Molly have made me laugh out loud all day, first her dancing then her falling off the stool. Too, too funny!

And, those bird houses are good, very good. Keep developing those little artists, and maybe one day, they will be famous.

I am sorry that you are not feeling well. Wish that I was close enough to bring you our famous chicken noodle soup. Feel better.

Love, Tory

Duane and Shellee said...

I SO wish I could drive over with a steaming pot of chicken and dumplings or chicken noodle soup for you! ( it's good for what ails you.....at least physically) emotionally, I wish I could make all the hurt go away..... I just know HE is working this all out in your life....somehow. I am praying for you my friend. I hope you feel better soon.

Love and hugs,

Facets of Life said...

Oh I hope you feel better friend! Sending prayers your way! Love the pics that you shared today! Made me smile! xoxo!

Tesha said...

Hi just reading your blog. I appreciate your honesty in it being hard. I gave birth to my stillborn son last month. I am having such a hard time. You have a beautiful family, like you I am blessed with many wonderful healthy kids. It makes loss difficult because people expect me to be thankful for what I have, and I am a million times over. yet I am grieving deeply. I was feeling so alone, it helped to read your blog. Thanks