Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 25: Something Pink

Molly has some pink feet.

I wanted to get my Day 25 photo up before I forgot. Before David, Will and Ethan returned from their adventure.
I'm going to go lay down with Levi and Molly.
considering that I stayed up till 5:17 a.m., I'm really rather tired.

I did manage to get my Day 3, week 2 of Couch to 5K done...and then to begin Week 3...which includes running more often.
Kinda scary...but loving getting my health back on.

And then I ate some pizza with the littles tonight.
Not real proud of that but tomorrow is a new day
I'm lonely but reveling in the fact that it's just the three of us.

Upcoming posts:
~crafty birdies with Nora, Levi and Molly
~Deliverance is under attack - our neighbors, with the dog that always gets in our yard/knocks over our kids/poos, have moved. Also, the creepy part of Waverly that is down the hill from us, see June/July 2008, the big smiley face water tank, the incredibly dumpy, flood-prone houses are being demolished. I took some pix today. I'm very curious to know what is going on down there.
~More Becky-since her birthday isn't until MONDAY folks. MORE BECKY! gotta get her calendar finished. ack.
~David's upcoming birthday/Skating party which will include Ethan and anyone else that wants to get their name on a cake...details later.
~Balloon Launch for JOY on Saturday, June 30, 2012. 6 p.m. details to come but stop by my Facebook event page to give a shout out and tell me you'll be there. Anyone and everyone is welcome. well, you know what I mean...
~so many things to blog about. so many.

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