Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, Monday...

Day 11: Something blue

Day 12: Sunset
Sooo, it's Monday again.

doesn't it seem like it's always Monday?

I'm out the door right now but wanted to get caught up on 30 Days of Photography...and tell you I'll be back later with more news/pix.

Off to meet friends at the Playplace, dash to piano and do some crazy Monday errands...

All right, home again...

I have added a few new blogs on the left (at least that's where they are when I blog today)...
Go visit Lori over at She's written a book (I'm ordering it today) and from what I have read on her blog, their story is pretty downright amazing! Matthew is most definitely showing Jack the ropes in glory!

Another blog is Misty's. I don't even think I can type her brief story without crying because she's carrying Anna, who has gotten a diagnosis that seems incompatible with life outside of her sweet momma's womb. (a story very similar to Angie Smith's)
 You can find Misty and her family over at .

Please be in prayer for these sweet ladies and their families.

As we were out and about today, we stopped to visit Jack's grave, leave him a couple pieces of Valentine's candy, tell him how sad we are that he isn't here to wear his "momma's little heartbreaker" shirt that I'd gotten in a pile of clothing from a friend last summer...generally, just stand there with our mouths gaping open, in utter disbelief (yes folks, the shock has worn off and now we are left to "just deal" with loss, grief and sorrow. it NEVER goes away) that this has actually happened to us. please refer to the blogs above.

also, while in Target, the happiest place in the world that is quickly being discovered by Walmart's folks, thanks to the screaaaaaming kid and his yelly mom, I saw the White River firemen...the same guys that drove the ambulance to our house that last day of June. I kept feeling inclined to tell them thanks, even if they weren't the guys that came, just to say thanks...can you imagine the things they see day in and day out?

Anyways...I got sidetracked...the cashier guy thanked them for the service, which was a total Holy Spirit prompt because I was antsy. I then thanked them and told them that they had served us well last year. They were very gracious. I won't type the rest of what I said but they were nice. They were also doing some last minute Valentine's Day shopping while on duty (the whole truckload of guys was in Target) getting cards and candy for their loved ones. awww.

Whitney Houston. Just plain ol' sad. God gave her a most amazingly beautiful gift. Back when I loved her, she was still wholesome and not married to Bobby Brown yet. I just can't help but feel sad for her daughter. Sad for the way her life ended... her. voice. she won a bunch of Grammy's last night. Go YouTube Rolling in the Deep from last night's show...she's simply amazing. I'd like to imagine that I will be able to sing and sound magical like her or Whit when I reach Gloryland. God made those voices to praise Him.

Forgive my all over the placedness. Sixteen years ago, right now, I was beginning to think my 2nd child would never show up. Thankfully, Cupid  Ethan showed up at 9:20 p.m. on Valentine's Day...more on that tomorrow.

Until then, I need to find 13 things to take a picture with for today's photog challenge...I don't have 13 kids so that's out...13 cups of coffee (that's what this day is beginning to look like...)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Ethan! I know that I forgot to put that on his card. I love your blue bottle. Hmmmm, 13 things? I am intrigued by what your creative mind will come up with. And, I am sure that the wait will be worth it. ;)

All the best, Tory

Misty said...

Thank you for sharing our blog on yours. We appreciate the prayers prayed for our sweet Anna Grace. It's been a joy to "get to know your family" through your blog. We are missing our Anna but clinging to the promise that we will see her again. May God bless you! - Misty