Monday, February 13, 2012

feelin' the love...

texty texterson....

getting ready to go to her last Kaleo Broken Hearts Banquet. I love this playful, thoughtful girl and her goofy Dad.

Pictures don't get much fresher than these...I JUST took them. Ethan is sleeping out in the travel trailer with Molly and Levi. It's his birthday eve and one of my goals this year was to commemorate each of my kids' birthdays this year, by doing something like above. We've made cupcakes, gotten the heart shaped sprinkles ready to put on, plans are rolling as to what we will do to celebrate Ethan on HIS day.

I added various valentine's that I've been printing off of the computer. I know it seems like this might annoy Ethan, but he actually relishes the fact that he's a V-Day boy...and he charms all the more because of it. On the Happy Valentine's Day balloon, I wrote birth right above day on each side.
Really quickly before I head to bed...wanted to get these pix posted.

Day 3 of running more is taking its toll on me tonight. I will be back tomorrow to post Day 13 and Day 14 of Photog challenge. I have some ideas.

Happy Birthday, Ethan. You really are a gift to this family and your Dad and I praise the Lord for you. (just in case you actually get on my blog and read it!) Love you. You're SIXTEEN. ackkkkkk! (this night 16 years ago, I think I'd given up on you ever coming...and I still thought you were a girl. ha ha.)

P.S. I know I'm not done with my Vacation pictures...there have just been so many neat-o things to blog about and take pics of lately that I got caught up in the swirl of it I will get the rest posted. very soon.


Anonymous said...

You should change the title of your blog to "Daily Smile". :) Seriously, this post just makes me smile. The Valentine birthday and Kaleo banquet pictures just make for nice morning fare. Love that Ethan relishes in the fact that he is a Vday baby. Too cute. And, since it's a nasty gray day here, I definitely needed a pick me up. Hope that the festivities are fun.

Hugs, T

P.S. I like this version of Somewhere over the Rainbow. But it's funny and makes me laugh since my dad hates the song now once his siblings had it played at his mom's funeral. He thought that it was cheesy since she had lived her life for Christ and could have thought of any other number of songs that were fitting. Oh well...just thought that I would blurt that out.

Anonymous said...

P.P.S. I was thinking that I didn't send out a hello to Shellee. Happy Valentine's Day to Shellee (although, I am sure that she is Post-Valentine's Day)! Prayers go out to you and your family, too.

Tashena said...

Hellllllllooooooooooooo over there!
Been keeping up on your beautiful posts - just no time to reply.

I love seeing what you see in a day - your photo challenge thingy... Wishing I could get, um...make a few minutes to do something crafty. You INSPIRE me... to do much more than you could imagine!

And I am with Tory, I LOVE this version of Somewhere over the Rainbow. I just wanna sit and have your blog in the background so I can listen to all your awesome Player choices. Actually, I did - Saturday night! Haha!

Anyway, Love you, Dear, and hope to see your lovely face soon while sipping a mug o' java!


PS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG E! Little E wants to play soon! Maybe some karate... :0)