Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 10: Something from your childhood

One of my fondest childhood memories, in fact.

Wonder Woman. Who didn't want to be her?  I'm pretty sure my brother Tom didn't want to be but he might have been the only one....

I loved Diana whatever her name was, played by Lynda Carter. She had a tiny waist and not so tiny thighs...She was a woman's woman, lifting cars, flying in her invisible airplane thingy, and wielding her truth lasso.

What'd I'd give to have those super powers these days.

We actually Netflixed WW and it arrived this week. Molly really likes it. It's really, really cheesy.

This pic of me was taken in my Aunt Nan and Uncle Frank's backyard, probably at my cousin Jenna's birthday...I think I was probably four here. Molly's age. I guess my family thought it was pretty funny to ask me to do my "Wonder Woman Pose". I can actually remember climbing out of the little kiddie pool for Aunt Mimi, who took the pic, and posing in the soggy grass. maybe my first memory??

I thought I was something. Now I know I'm not.

The little postcard right next to WW pic is another childhood memory...I worked at Hallmark (Cards Etc) when I was 17/18 and this card was popular. I love it. It has a gawky guy running after an alien spaceship, yelling "Take Me! Take Me!!" and the ship says "No, you're ugly"

Ha Ha...hilarious.

I'm really lacking for any good material tonight...kind of a blah day here in IN. Gray, gray, gray...and Tory's daffodils are blooming in N.C. I'm moving. I went to Jenny Craig this morning and lost a bit of weight, feeling really good about the inner dialogue I've got going lately...really working on reworking my eating habits. a much needed change, for sure. I want to eat. all. the. time. one word...


In other news, there really is no other news. Our homeschool group started back up yesterday...Glad for the opportunity to be around good women again. So thankful that my friend, Nicky, encouraged me to join up last summer, when it was exactly the last thing I wanted to think about. Thanks, Peach.

Ok, gotta run...gotta finish some school with Molly and Levi and help Mel get ready for Broken Hearts Banquet.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the personal victory! I know it is so hard, but I know that you can do it. Also,I know that you are beautiful just as you are, and I must say that you sure seem like Wonder Woman to me. And, news flash to me,I never knew that you worked at Hallmark. I am jealous. What was it like? Oh,and, it was a gray, chilly day here, too. Have a good weekend.

Love, Tory

Anonymous said...

Yeah for you making great changes for your health!!!! I know its SO HARD, im with you on it. side note: isn't salsa yummy? . :-)
I do have to tell you I disagree with you about one thing- you ARE something!!! ( pretty close to Wonder Woman without the cheesy stuff, lol). I love you my friend, and I am praying for you. As far as weather goes, it's gray and snowy here. We won't see daffodils until April. I used to LOVE shopping at Hallmark!!

Anonymous said...

Oops, didn't sign my name- duh! Hugs,