Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ethan James, Happy Birthday, young man.

Lookin' like Charlie Brown...love the tunky li'l belly at 18 months. 1997

1999, Pensacola Beach. such a face.

the kid always had has a weapon in hand. 2004

Our favorite History club was the Celtic lesson. We loved painting our faces as the warriors did and making double headed axes. If only people really gave you a chance, Ethan. They'd realize what a gem they are missing out on. oh, sorry, I got wrapped up in some past life.

I'd greet this little face in the morning (this was in Mom and Pa's basement, when we lived with them for a spell. can you say boomerang?) and you went thru a stint as a non-sleeper. 1996 or early 97

I think this picture earned you the nickname of GooBall from Grandpa..you always had a slick, shiny chin and soaked shirt. what I'd give for one more spit up sniff. I know, that's gross but it's a mom thing. 1996

At one month or less, with your second Momma, Becky. I am the reason she only really wanted two kids. She technically has 7. almost 8. 1996

I look stunned, don't I? and that jumper? really? did the people around me hate me? but look at those cute boys. This was taken the night before we moved to flippin' North Dakota. Just David, Tiny Will, and even Tinier Ethan and Me. freak out. These sweet boys.  again, 1996.

those eyes. beautiful boy. 1997

This isn't Will's most intelligent expression ( :D )...and Ethan? awww, he was such a snuggle bugga chubba.  1996

We had these pics taken at Walmart in ND. So weird to get pix taken without Gramma nearby to help pay for said pix and just to be there for support. ;) love you, Momma.

I wouldn't ever recommend listening to Chumbawumba or however you really spell the name of the one hit wonders...but when their song "I get knocked down..." was popular, we LOVED it. This was E's song...except for all the alcoholic drinks they mention in it...ha ha. end of 1997

Such a serious big cousin..with Piper in 2004. I love this little profile.  Such a serious guy. I also love just how much my big kids love their little chick cousins. 2004

Ethan, I just couldn't love you anymore. such changes you've gone thru over the years...I tried to scan a really hilariously great photo of E with his pre-pubescent chubby face and a head CHOCK full of hair but it came out fuzzy...alas, it's not here but it's worth a view, if you're ever at my house...

Having watched you over the past few months and years, I just get all choked up because...

1.) you are such an outstanding, caring, thoughtful (oh my gosh are you thoughtful), level headed, God-fearing, Jesus Christ-serving young man. All those spankings paid off. no matter what anyone says.

2.) you aren't a tiny, scrawny little jabber wocky anymore. I just can't accept that. what a nice son you've been...

3.)  you would've been so good with tiny Jack. You are so good, patient, fair with Levi and Molly and I thank you for that. I feel so sad for you that you didn't get to brother JOY here on earth but oh the reunion for you two someday.

we will take the good with the sad
Joy in Sorrow
My kids are learning these valuable lessons so young.
I'm very thankful for this.

That's all I've got, folks...I leave with you a picture that has been burned into this mother's memory for eternity....all of my sons.

Happy Sixteenth Birthday, Ethan. I'm so thankful for you. i love you.


Anonymous said...

So cute. My favorite is the one in the basement. It looks like E has a little toupee on. So precious.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ethan! Laurie, he was an absolutely gorgeous baby!!! What a handsome young man he is becoming! Love you my friend!