Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hi, my name is Becky.

2010? Beck with her loving hubby, Scott, who is trying, very hard, to steal her birthday thunder by injuring himself on the job. Thankfully, he is going to be OK, but suffered an amazing contusion on his chest while at work on Thursday morning. We are glad you weren't more injured, Scotty, and pray that you will heal quickly! Beck, our eyes are back on you...with a quick peek over to S every now and then to make sure he's not pneumatic.

Becky Brainiac
who I love so dearly

Harvest Party 2010
Jack was at this party. He was a a soybean sized person.

do you notice how I'm always on the left and she's on the right? even though I'm right handed and she's left handed (little known Becky trivia??) we've figured out that those are our more flattering sides. mostly. I just really don't think I have one but I'm working on it. This was in 2009.

Good Saturday Evening.
I needed to get another post on my blog because seeing that cherubic picture of Jack was doing really gut wrenching things to my insides. (can't believe he. is. not. here. so perfect and chubby he was. so sad tonight about that)

And I was long overdue to blog for my sister's upcoming 34th birthday. I can't believe I can even say 34 in the same sentence as Becky Greenhill Cunniff. Cuz, really, she's still 16. Or heck, she's still 6 and we're doing fire engine in our stuffy bedroom on 241 N. Anderson, Lake Orion, Michigan...her, with her terry cloth undies and only a shirt on. that drove me NUTS about her...go get some clothes on or I'm running away...

Truly, I'm getting choked up tonight. I have the best sister. She's not perfect but I love her just the way she is. She loves me in spite of my many imperfections, blabbering on and easily hurt feelings.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for bringing the brat home, and for the gift that she is to me and so many. I realized what a treasure she is to me over the years but never has it been more evident than in this past year. My pregnancy, her help, her sympathy pains and gains, the care she has given me and my family in the days following the most tragic event of my life.Her tears, her laughter thru tears is one of the joys I have clung to.

"I need to hear a story that is more sad than mine" I said to her as we sat and made JOY bookmarks last July...

She lifted her shirt, revealing her tummy...laughter thru tears is DEFINITELY my favorite emotion. Thanks Miss Truvy. you were sooo right. I had no real idea.

So glad I have a group of girls that I can call my Steel Magnolias and that Beck is the charter member. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO BOO!! I just couldn't love anyone more...I appreciate you more than you will EVER know on this earth. Run to Jesus, sweet, weeping sister who makes me laugh constantly.

David and the big boys are over in Illinois visiting his family. Please be in prayer for his mom, who will undergo surgery on her broken wrist/arm on March 13.

Mel is down where it's warmer, with Mom, Dad and Tom.

I'm home with Sybil and Levner. I love them but I realize how much help and how dependent I am on the 3 biggers. They wear me out...non-stop movement and talking.

Taking deep breaths, choosing JOY, cherishing these moments...taking them for the gifts they truly are.Thank You, Lord, for thinking of me, orchestrating the daily details of my life...Help me to be purposeful, full of direction, a light to this very dark world.


Facets of Life said...

LOVE this post! and I LOVE my sisters too! wouldn't know what to do without them! Happy Birthday to your sweet sister! So happy you have her! xoxo!!!

bcunniff said...

yea! I have a google account that I can access. woot woot! thank you for this awesome post! you are uh.mazing, my dear sister. I am blessed to have you and your amazing family in my life. thank you for being THEE best big sister anyone could ever imagine. it is so hard for me to grasp the fact that we are so old. not old, but ya know, we have a story, we're not little kids. I can't imagine not being by your side as much as humanly possible through our adult loves, especially over the past year. wow. I had no idea how year 33 would be. I'm happy to move on. I love you. you're my best friend. I'd be walking in circles without you. xoxo

Duane and Shellee said...

What an awesome post!!! I have to say you two bring smiles to SO many! You are such a blast to watch enjoy each other!!! I was so blessed to get to see you while I was there, even though briefly. Excited about your joy launch and looking forward to hearing all about the posts rattling in your brain. I wil pray for Scott that he heals quickly, uour mil too.

Much love and hugs and prayers for you my sweet Friend!