Thursday, February 16, 2012

a Gulf Shores update and Day 15 Silhouette pic.

I took this picture with my you just love how the clouds reflected in the water?? 
Ethan's adventures as a fisherman.

cool guys

I could live at the beach

amazing sunset

another day, another negative on the fish front. E. is with some random fisher guy down here...David tried to find all sorts of help for his son.

how are those clouds? uhhh-mazing.

It was so clear this day, you could see the offshore oil rigs. love.

this is actually a picture of a picture.
for some stupid reason, my stupid printer isn't scanning pix. which is uncool.
so this pic was taken at May's end in 2007.
I know it wasn't taken today. Not sure if photo challenge is requiring me to take fresh photos.
This is me. Pregnant with Molly. I loved that baby bump. My pregnancy with her was breezy.
She had the cord around her neck but she flew right through it.

So....this is the Feb 15th challenge. how's that for a silhouette?

busy day. when is there a day in my week that is NOT busy?

I'm at a crossroad in my life...still a mom to teens, and a couple of littler kids...but that will all shift and I will be Laurie again. Still Mom and Wife.....What will the Lord have me to do? this makes no sense in my head tonight...

The Sanctus Real song "Whatever You're Doing" is on repeat in my head...I will have to put it back on my blog. It's perfect... "it feels like chaos, somehow there's peace. It's hard to surrender to what I can't see, but I'm giving in to something heavenly."

I just need to be still. get really good at being mom to Will, Ethan, Melanie, Levi, and Molly. honoring sweet Jack and being a really good wife to David and daughter of God. All the other stuff is secondary. Facebook, though I looooove it, and love staying in touch with so many people, is a time sucker and a source of angst for me lately.

"Time to face up, clean this ol' house, time to breathe in and let everything out, that I've wanted to say for so many years, time to release all my held back tears..."

"You're up to something, bigger than me, larger than life, something heavenly...Whatever You're doing, inside of me, it feels like chaos, but now I can see...This is something, bigger than me, larger than life, something heavenly."

The lyrics to this song really speak to me right now.

I think I'm going to go to bed...I just made's flavors need to "marry" (thanks for that term, James P.) and tomorrow is busy day #2,398 and I need to be fresh.

ha ha.

what happened today?  I will want to remember this later on...
~I woke up after being up way too late and got ready to work at OMS for the staff luncheon, which reminds me, please be praying for Valetta (I blogged about her a while back - missionary lady who has endured some pretty intense loss in her life - her second husband, Dr. Al's son died suddenly from a heart attack. He was 62 I believe). She was not at the luncheon today, due to the funeral this morning and I missed her bright self. I really enjoy the ladies I work with. Helen is amazing. Please be praying for her too...grandson is awaiting news on cancer scope.
~Took my lovely ladies to the dentist today. Molly did SO well with the shot(s) and so did Mel...I have courageous children. The girls and I ran some errands and came home...I'm in such a funk. what's wrong with me?
~Mel made dinner - Go Mel!! - so I could exercise and she moved her room around. We're in pitching moods.
~E is sleeping in the travel trailer with the littles tonight. again. tell me, Mr. Big Stuff...who do you think you are? besides AWESOME!!
~David is working a long night at Pike HS...he is facing some interesting situations, of which I may blog about later but may not either.
~My sis and her lovely family are vacationing with my parents this week. I've enjoyed her version of beach pix and seeing videos of my sweet nieces swimming - sans tubes GO NORA - and having a really  nice time away.
~I'm sure other things happened but I will close for tonight. I need to go test my salsa and go to bed, sniffing salsa fumes...oooh, won't that be fun for David, when he finally arrives home, to find his loving wife with a green/red/garlic/onion cloud above her head??? he. will. love. it.

not so much.

good night chickens (watch "Grey Gardens" with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. One of my fave movies, darlings)


Tashena said...

Good Morning, Laurie Dearest!
Hope the day is finding you ding well - funk floating along and out.
I am sorry you feel that way. How I dread the "funk days" when nothing seems to go right and nothing AT ALL makes sense. I will be praying for you.
Just love seeing pics of Ethan little. He looks just the same, yet so different. Such a blessing!

So, I hope today will be a smooth one. I am thankful for the "warmer" temps and hope they can bring some cheer to you as well.


Facets of Life said...

Hi Laurie! Girlfriend, I read your comment about being in a funk and I think I am right there with you! Amazing how the funk comes in and leaves you all jacked up! I have prayed a lot today and yesterday trying to get through it. Still in the middle, I know there is a brighter side and that is where I am heading! Now I am praying for you to come and join me on the brighter side! Have a wonderful sleep and rest! Lori