Tuesday, January 31, 2012

right back to where we started from...

Mom and Dad eagerly await our arrival...seventh floor


swimming the first night...so relaxing.


4/5 of my guys

Mom, you look so happy here. 

hello beatnik

Molly pouted A LOT on this trip. I'm quite over it.

this was the section of the balcony outside of our rooms. so. nice. I miss it already. I wanna hear the waves crashing onto the shore.

Yes, the deco in the condo was from the 90's...but it was so beachy and cool. You can see E and Pa talking out on the balcony behind Will, who was vacuuming.

could look at this view forever. both of them...God's creation and my son, sitting at his grandfather's feet, talking/listening. Love this.

More where these came from

So the vaca is over. All good things must come to an end...bummer.
Didn't want to leave and probably could've stayed longer but knowing that mail was piling up at home, classes needed to be attended, appointments needed to be kept just kinda hung over the head and put a damper on lengthening our time.

We had SUCH A GOOD TIME. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for making this available for us. Incredible. WOW! As we loaded up this morning, said our goodbyes, tears were shed...by all of us. Every night, we'd walk on the beach. not just your sissy walk either....we covered some distance. (ask David about his jellyfish adventure) I'm so bummed not to be down at the pool, relaxing in the hot tub with everyone, knowing we'd go up and lay on the bed, read, listen to waves, eat a little dessert (my body is thanking me for THIS event becoming less frequent)...

such a good time.

nice to be home but nice to recall our time down south with the parentals. awesome time. relaxation that I don't think we've really enjoyed our whole 18 years of marriage...David actually honestly really relaxed. wow.

ok...so. today is the last day of January. can you believe our first month of 2012 is over?

As Jamie pointed out, so eloquently, February does NOT have a 30th...and she also pointed out that if it did? it'd have fallen on a Thursday. I don't think I've had a 30th Thursday yet...So I'm kinda looking forward to February...though Beck and her fam will be down south for some of it, as will my big bro and possibly one of my kids at month's end.

anyways...I'm going to bed...wanted to give y'all a little morsel of vacation goodness to whet your appetites...and come back for more.

hugs and all that stuff.

good night Indiana.
good night Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Mommy and Daddy, my bedroom with the sliding door cracked open so I could fall peacefully asleep to the sound of God's powerful waves...a nice distraction from my usual bedtime thoughts.
good night friends and loved ones, friends that are loved ones, people that stalk and never say anything.  good night to you too.


Cyndy713 said...

Welcome home! :) Thanks for sharing the pics...a little slice of heaven.

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