Saturday, February 18, 2012

My new green, Day 17 and 18 and a sister's return home...

So, we are tossing around paint ideas for the lower level. We were thinking periwinkly blue but after an A-HA moment today (and David's suggestion of the above color last week), I came to the conclusion that I am a Green girl. Not a blue girl. no offense, blue. I just LOVE ADORE DIG green apple green. Yum...Whaddya think of this color??

These are Day 18 photos...Your shoes. I didn't wear these today...but I sure love them. I actually found them under my bed. Molly likes to scuffle around in them, either one of these pairs...and apparently, she'd hid them a while ago. I love that she wears my heels around.

Day 17: Technology. Not the highest technology...but it's technology that I love.  I wear a pedometer most days. Aside from the 2.5-3 miles I try to log daily, I like to see how many steps I take. It's made a difference...I got this pedometer down in Alabama. I couldn't find it for a day or two. When I did find it, the buttons were covered with SILLY PUTTY. Alas, this is why the buttons looked chewed up...because they were. Thanks Molly.

Good Evening.
Today has been a miraculous day. I won't bore you with allll of the details but one of the finest follows.

David and Ethan went to work this morning. Mel had spent the night at a friend's house. Will, the two littles and I were home. I was due to look at a table at our friends' house (we are getting a new table btw) at 11 a.m. Before I left, though, Will was, rightfully so, kinda aggravated with Mel and I. She hadn't left her zones neat before leaving last night...and I was going to be gone FOREVER picking her up today. Mel and I were then going to be gone tonight for a time, scrapbook store shopping with our lovely K friends (sooo fun!! so hard not to spend bucket loads of $)...

I knew I needed to get the lower level cleaned up before we left this evening, exercise, fold laundry, read with Levi and other fun stuff. Mel and I arrived home to a clean house. Will had cleaned for me. He even made my bed (which Mel and Levi have also done for me in the past!)

Gratitude abounds. Will, please know that your act has warmed my heart straight thru. Your wife will just adore you for this kind of thing someday.

All that to say, I'm feeling and knowing that I have a pretty awesome gaggle of kids.

If that wasn't awesome enough, my sister and her family have arrived home tonight and I just couldn't be happier about that. happy. er.

I am surrounded by blessings!

And a good night to you....


Duane and Shellee said...

Love the green! I am a green girl too, although since hubby is a blue kind of guy, I have become more blueish too, :-) Will is awesome!!!! He gives me hope that some day I'll have something like that happen.

Anonymous said...

I am with Shellee. Love the green, and I think that you have pretty awesome kids. By the way, just thought that you might like to know that it's snowing here. So, see, we get winter too. Hahaha...hugs to you and your awesome family, Tory