Monday, February 6, 2012

Day of Exploration...Jan 24. Part whatever...

These pix were taken on 1/24/12. We spent this day exploring the area and just enjoying the down time. This is one of the views from the balcony area right outside our bedroom. D and the kids loved the tennis court atop the parking area. The building with the green roof and white sun thingy is the pool area. awesome. I miss it.

not sure what Molly was doing here. Will is in shock, because his littlest sister is kinda weird.

Yup, I was there. not a great pic by any means but what can I say...

there's a storm a-brewing, folks.

our room, from the balcony view. (yup, see my Choose Joy bag on the bed there, WM?)

after the storm. I just really love being at the ocean, gulf, beach, whatever.

These were taken at a pier in Gulf Shores. We never ended up going to it for some reason...but there was one on the opposite end of the gulf that we'd walk to. 

a giant turtle

everyone wanted to sit on the turtley tortoise guy.

Ok, got some more pix on here for ya. (and again, my Choose Joy bag. I love to hid behind it. I love it, WM!)

Plenty more where these came from...but I'm getting more and more behind on these so here ya go!
Happy Monday to y'all!


Duane and Shellee said...

So glad you are up to photo challenges and that we your faithful readers get to benefit. Where was Marty at in Japan? Sounds like fun ! Don't envy you the dentist appt., I've had my fill of them. Working on rehabbing my shoulder from a severe bout of tendinitis.... Argh! Love you and SO thankful for the baby steps! For the record, I am glad you still talk about your sweet glory Baby, He will ALWAYS be precious to this Mama. Love, prayers and hugs from Japan...

HelenaHandbag said...

Looks fabulous! And I see you carrying the gigantic JOY totebag! I love you!