Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 19: Something Orange

I really don't care much for this shade of orange. In fact, I've already put this Drumstick Dash shirt in the Goodwill bag.  even more factually,  I think this shirt was dropped off at Goodwill JUST yesterday.

The questionable memories associated with 2011's DD prove to be just too much. There were a lot of great memories associated, like Levi's first year to be with us for the event...and the fact that we were all together and I was feeling very thankful for my living family...

So for this Day 19 catch up, this is my something orange.  urp.

For today, Day 20, I'm supposed to do Bokeh. I have no clue what that is, except for what Google showed me...

Today was just a plain ol' poo-riffic day. Sorry, Kellie, I know it was your birthday, sweet girl, and I really hope it went well and you created lots of memories and that your hubby and kids and friends made it so special for you. You deserve it!!...and hey, the sun was even shining.

My brother took the kids and I to Pizza King because Levi continuously bugs him about it (Thank you,'re awesome!!)...

here's to tomorrow...a better day. (I have a dentist appointment so.....) and this week.

I'll be back later, when I figure out something bokeh. which, if I can't figure it out, I will be back with something.

I probably shouldn't be blogging today. Just call me Debbie Downer. Just keepin' it real.


Anonymous said...

Any day that I get a blog post from you is a better day! I am so intrigued by your bokeh or whatever cannot wait to see it. And, Pizza King sure sounded like fun. I hope that tomorrow brings something special.

Hugs and sunshine to you, Tory

Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet friend!!! Though life does "move on" of sorts for others, it continues to stand still as we ponder the path the Lord has led you in. We still pray for you daily, and when we see the words "joy" our hearts think of you and ache. I have never walked the path you are on, and can only imagine the depths that you must hurt. There is no shame in having hard days. It is still very early in that path.. I think you are doing a wonderful job clinging to the Savior. Little Jack has changed all of our lives, but none more so than your precious family. Jesus is our Gentle Shepherd, and Isaiah 40:11 is one of my most favorite verses, and now when I read it I can picture Jack as the little lamb in His bosom...... Lots of love and prayers,
P.S. sorry my note turned into a book :-)