Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 16: Long on cute. is that a good thing?

happy Saturday evening to you...

Day 16: this chocolate covered girl is long on cute...from July 2010.

blogger is really gettin' on my nerves tonight....
Day 16 of the 30 Day photo challenge was long exposure...I googled it. It's pretty amazing but 
1.) I'm no professional photographer and 2.) my camera is wonderful but I am not familiar enough it's settings to figure it out...

So I found this pic of my littlest cute. and still so "baby" in the summer of '10. Right after she'd cut her adorable ringlets.

Day 17: Technology
Day 18: Your shoes...

I'll be back in another post, after I drink another cup of coffee...My sister is coming home tonight (with her family, of course!) and I probably won't see them tonight but just knowing that she's back in this area brings me a measure of comfort that just makes me giddy.

Mel and I spent a nice bit of time with Tambo and her two oldest girls at one of our favorite spots tonight. Archiver's. 
I could spend days in that place. If you scrapbook, memory keep, make cards, work with paper of any kind, this is your place. Tory, how I wish you were close enough to do this together every now and then.

David's sitting on the floor, playing Legos with the kids...Mel's waiting for me to go thru scrapbook stuff...Will is sorting Legos and Ethan is watching Hidalgo. I just ate salad, drenched in salsa. 

All is (reasonably) well in our world...just missing one little sweetie boy. with me forever.

I have really found a lot of encouragement from the blog at the left called Facets of Life. Lori's thoughts seem to echo all of mine...and it's really "refreshing" to read her blog...see that I'm not completely crazy for having thoughts of Jack in heaven or replaying scenes in the grocery store, or trying not to cry or show pain in front of friends or family. 

You may have been able to "move on" get on with life (not to say you don't hurt etc), and I will too, to some degree. But I will always carry the scars of that day that changed me forever. Forever for the good.

Thank You, Lord Jesus.

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Duane and Shellee said...

Still thinking of, loving, praying for, virtual hugging you daily my friend as you walk the newish path God placed you and your great family on. Many hugs,