Monday, September 22, 2008

weekend update

This picture is significant for many reasons, some of which I won't bore you with, but this girl is not even 15 months old yet. She watched the big kids for a minute or two, when we first got into the didn't take her very long and she figured out how to go up the stairs, up the steps, to the highest slide (not high for us but for her? yeah)...she'd throw herself down and slide her buns down ... back around again, and again. Tom got a cute little video of it but of course, I know not how to get that on here and besides, with dial up, it would take me two days to upload's taken me most of this day to get these pix up here. I find it's better to blog in the middle of the night...they upload in super high speed (for me).

I didn't take any pix of Levi in the park (loser) because he was hiding the whole time...

Monday, Monday. Can't trust that day....

I have no reason not to trust it, it's just hard to get going in the right direction again. ahhhh!
~Saturday was all soccer...Levi actually kicked the ball! Woo Hoo! His coach (Wendy) and I shared a moment of utter surprise across the field!

~Melanie had a double "header" and won both of her games...she played hard and did a good job! In her first game, we got to hear the referee threaten the other team's coach. "If I have to talk to you again, I will be kicking u out of this game, sir!"

~The boys won 2-0...and to think they didn't even want to be there. It was hot, and when you have 3 games to endure, it makes ya kinda bitter in the muggy September heat. We must not be cut from the soccer cloth...imagine if we were a part of a travel team??? We like soccer, but on our terms. Thanks for coming out to the kids' games, Beck, Piper, Nora and guys rock!

~That night, David and I were planning to go to the Irish Fest with Jeff and Nicky...rain moved in and we ended up at Cheesecake Factory (David and I were first timers) was nice to get out of the house, away from inquiring kid minds (we love our kids) and to just be "grown-up" for a minute or two (that's how fast it went)...though, from the looks of some of the pix I took, I am hardly grown up. Couldn't let an evening pass by where I put chocolate on my teeth. David was thrilled...Jeff wasn't surprised either and Nicky was a bit freaked out. I'm a classy dame!

such a non-flattering photo of me, what's new? I need my hair cut really, really bad but I am not photogenic. David, on the other hand, is trying to look like this. He loves my chocolate on the teeth hillbilly impression EVERY TIME!

~We vowed to get to bed earlier that night, ended our date by 11:15, picked up Levi at my sister's house, rented "Unbreakable" (3rd movie in our M. Night Shymalan marathon) home to Mom and the rest of the crew and proceeded to watch said movie when we got home, well after midnight...great movie, doesn't do much for my sleeping patterns though. We had the windows open that evening, which freaked me out anyways, but then I kept "hearing" things, spooking myself with the woodland creatures around here...something was mewling outside the windows so I had Davey boy get up with me to check it out. It was such a Brady Bunch moment. "Mike, get your shotgun"...hee hee. different show.

~Amazing worship service yesterday...we really enjoy the 45-60 minutes of true worship, communion, to no one but the one true God. Good message by Pastor Randy on John 12. Great, caring people...we continue to be blessed!

~I'm adopting something that my dear cuz, Tory, does at the end of her posts ...Things I learned today include the following: It doesn't pay to stay up late on Saturday night...watching one of "those" Shymalan movies especially. Another thing? a "Christian" singer that I used to listen to back in the 90's, Ray Boltz (Watch the Lamb, Thank You, etc), came out of the "closet"...that bothers me more than I thought it would and it just doesn't match up...Lastly, when you get 9 kids together on a Sunday evening in a clean house, you CAN keep it that way. not without some diligence, but it can be done.

Now if my pix would upload. I love dial up. I love dial up. Choose JOY. Choose JOY.
update: It's now 3 pm, 9/22/08. I've been uploading pix one at a time all day...and now I'm over it...I've got to look into some form of high speed...David talks about it like it makes sense to him but it makes no sense to me whatsoever, what is available, how it works, blah blah blah. Help!! Hellllp. See ya later...much later.


Stickers said...
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velvet said...

laurie, you are gorgeous even while doing your 'chocolate on the teeth' hillbilly impression! (which i remember you doing in high school!)
um, and HOW do you keep a house with 9 children in it clean?! i can't even do that with only 2 kids!
and stickers, you crack me up, but come on - you are HAWT! and i really like your hair :)

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

Can we say HITLER? that is what went down at the house with 9 kids in it..can you say old lady who lived in the shoe? Wooden spoon = salvation.

I love the reference to Princess Bride...and mom wage? they can't afford us.

velvet - did I really do that at school?? wow. I AM a classy broad. so glad you have that memory to carry with you! thank you for your kind words, hot mama!

good times. good times!

Tory said...

Oh, after a long day at school, it is such a treat to come home to one of your blogalicious encounters! And, the bonus today? A picture of my lovely cousin...actually two if I am not mistaken (one with you and Tommy and cameras). Anyway, thank you for putting up with all of that aggravation. It really made my evening...that and talking to the parental units on the phone. Love ya, and your crazy ways. BTW, you would be soooo much fun to have in my classes and my local life! Everyone here takes theirselves WAY TOO seriously! I would comment on everything, but I still have my own blog to maintain! hahaha...Love ya, puddin'!

wv: sihzhehr (size? hardy har har har)

Stickers said...
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Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

Yeah, apparently D. and I need to get out more. I kinda wondered about that.

that is only one picture of me on this post, lovely Tory...that pic is my sister, who some folks say looks more like me as we age. sorry B. I love ya and feel for ya! it's a good thing we are fun! also, I probably should take myself MORE seriously...mostly. but tonight, I complained at Meijer about my cashier...maybe I'll blog that. good customer service is very important to me. Meijer STINKS! except for a few people that I like there....

Tory, it would be fun to hang w/ ya...let's do that sometime~

Tory said...

Oh, man, you made me miss Meijer! I am sure that your concerns are valid, but the stores in Michigan and Ohio were so MUCH better than
Wal-mart could ever hope to be! It was like a cross between Target and Wal-Mart. Man, I am jealous. (See there are two sides to every coin!) Here it's Wal-mart that has lousy customer service.

Thanks for clearing up the picture issue...I wasn't sure, but I do think you both look alike.

Hugs, pretty lady!

wv: cijgt