Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tall hair, weird expressions you've seen on my kids, and li'l memories

Couldn't you just squeeze this little face?
I can't believe this boy will be 14 in less than one month. It's always hardest to cope with growing kids when your first one goes through all of his/her changes...pave the way, Will.

Can you believe how teeny tiny E is here?
I knew he had grown some but c'mon....this makes me feel really old.

These next few pix have no point...just a little walk down memory lane for me...

I was talking to someone the other night about big hair...and I had it. All of the pix that I'm thinking of, I can't find them tonight...but in digging, I found this one of me at my cousin Dawn's open house, making a total Levi face. nice collar, Laura.

Our church youth group went on some pretty cool trips...this one was to, well, duh, Niagra Falls. Here I am with Emma...she looks like she wanted to shove me into the falls, huh? she was jealous of my hair.

Sweet 16 and who would want to kiss this? I was quite excited here because my mummy and pappy surprised me with a little three diamond ring...apparently, I needed to get out more. or spanked more. My Grandma (to the left) was probably saying (out loud, because she always said EXACTLY what she was thinking) "Ohhh, Jim's daughter is an idiot. What's with her hair, Lane? Comb your hair, Laura!"

I think I won awards for the tallest, stiffest hair. At another point in my life, I was notorious for bright fuschia lips...nothing reserved about this gal. This smirk below? Total Will, dontcha think?

I'm supposed to be watching a movie with Mel...what, with the boys over at Tom's, Molly sleeping, and David at work...she has me all to herself. She's so lucky.

We are watching a movie called "Fairy Tale: A True Story" upon the recommendations of friend and fellow blogger, Stickers. So far, so good.

Ok, four posts in one day. A record I do believe.

Hey, if you notice the followers linky thingy on the right hand side of my blog, would you click on the part that says "follow" and join up? I want to make it look like I have lots of friends and followers. I know my dad won't sign up but I will sign my mom up...c'mon, do it.

Good night, faithful friends and followers of the ex-big haired, bright pink lipped wonder!!


Tory said...

At first, I didn't think that your hair could ever have been as big as mine was, but I think you win. My goodness, I've never seen that hairdo. Guess that's what happens when you only get a glimpse into a person's life.

As for pictures, I feel severely chastised, and I will try to do better. Love ya, ya' sentimental thing.

wv: bmqgdgde (come on, who comes up with these things?)

Tory said...

Oh, yeah, I love the 4 posts in one day. That is like totally AWESOME dude!

wv: iakdpb (a little better, but not much)

Heather said...

Ooh, love the new background!
Love your hair, too! Oh, the 80s...and 90s...I had the "mall do", too. It's good material for our kids to giggle at.

Stickers said...

I like the background. Woo hoo, you have 4 followers. And you said you'd only get three.

Also, OMGosh, I was thinking you should do that background for the floor website when I was flipping through them yesterday! I was gonna tell you that when we were texting. Hmmm. Great minds and all that!

Love the hair. Love it. Love it.

wv: jbukckcqy Yeah, I'm too tired for this. I'd like to sell a few children tonight. Does anyone need more?