Tuesday, September 23, 2008

this time last year

Sorry for posting YET again...I had to get the GW coloring down the line a bit.

Can you believe it's almost October? Where has this year gone? This time last year, I had this little chubbette laying around my house. she didn't do anything except squeal, smile, cuddle, eat, poo, sleep...today? climbing up on everything, getting everything out, leaving a trail of madness that I have to keep picking up...I love it. I do. it just makes me laugh. she's like all of her siblings rolled into one little ball of fire.

pistol. spitfire. whirling dervish. sweet little punk.

Maybe I will take some cute pix today of just my girls. All 3 boys are heading over to a "sleepover" at Uncle Tom's. whew. see ya, boyos. thanks, Tom. are you sure you wanna do this? (please don't read this post till I've dropped the boys off to you)

I'm outta here. I'm boring myself horribly.

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Tory said...

My goodness, what a chubster she was! Were all of your babies that healthy or was Ms. M unique? Why did I have to get to know you after you were finished procreating? Oh, the luck. Your kids are all cute, but there's something about those roly-poly babies that is addictive! Whereas, the toddlers, I can usually let them run free. Although, I guess I shouldn't say that...I was reading in the car on Sunday (mom and dad get to Sunday School extra early, and I like to drink my coffee) when one of those little toddlers walked up and just made himself at home on my lap. Guess that's when I get drawn in by them...the little scamps! How dare they be so inquisitive yet lovable! ;)

Hey, thanks for all of the nice things you said, and most of all, for praying for me. (Sorry, Nicky! Of course, you are the one that she fixed up with their good friend! hahaha...) I like the fact that I am thought of between crazy episodes in Laurie's life. I prayed for you tonight between reading your various posts and writing my most boring papers. I am particularly praying that you will enjoy your special time with your girls!

Love ya, you witty one,

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