Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To Stickers, from Becky

Stickers, I got this in an email today. Becky sent it...pretty funny huh?
Where's the scary orange one?
These are my Tuesday afternoon thoughts.
We are working on our Elections Unit Study...it's good stuff but I'm kinda bored right now...the kids are coloring pix of George Washington (yes, even my 8th grader, who just happens to be the most artistically-gifted one, is coloring)...and he brought me his first GW pic and he made him look like Joker (see "Dark Knight" with Christian Bale and Heath Ledger). I'll have to blog it because it was quite unexpected and there is absolutely no disrespect meant here...ya gotta admit it, GW had some crazy wiggage!
Until then...L


Stickers said...
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Tory said...

(Wow, I am really behind...what did you do, see if you could catch me off guard? heehee...yeah, I realize it's not all about me!) Guess that orange one is still missing...I think he ran away to join the circus, so he wouldn't get EATEN! For someone who is so Pro-gummy bears, does Stickers realize she is EATING them? Just thought I would jump on that bandwagon! ;)

wv: awwlel

Stickers said...

Ssshhhhh! Don't tell them I'm going to eat them. They taste better when they are unsuspecting.