Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Levi's first official cleaning...

We love our dentist and his office folks! Dr. Quill is a really neat-o dentist. Leslie is his hygienist and she's very patient and kind to little kids that don't want to open their mouths or turn their heads toward her..

I'll be back later...time for piano lessons!


Stickers said...


You are so brave. I'm proud of you.

Miss Nicky

WV: xosum (that reminds me of xoxoXoOxX - Name that movie?)


Tory said...

Love that Levi was so courageous! But, the pictures...eewww, GROSS! There's a reason that I keep my eyes closed at the dentist. ;) Hugs, T

WV: bnszdrp (ben size drip...what?)

Anonymous said...

Good job, Levi! What a big brave boy!! xoxo

fpzaxf-new antidepressant?