Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random is my middle name

our visit to the Creation Museum...if you haven't been there yet, you must. it's amazing and reaffirming to one's faith! the lighting on this shot is iffy...I'm all lit up and David is in the dark.

feeding baby Molly to Rex

Will looks like he may have been super-imposed into this shot. We were trying to get Molly sunburned again. ooo she was so tiny!

I know that all of these pix may have been on here last year at this time but I wanted to put 'em on sweet, smooshy baby girl is so big now. I do this to quell any desires to have more sweet, smooshy babies. o but she was so cuddly and precious. She is into throwing little fits nowadays.

I made this scrapbook page in a frame for my sweet little one year old niecey poo, Nora! She had her birthday party Friday night and I got some pictures but my Canon broke yesterday so until I can get it replaced, Nora's party pix are on hold. Sorry Christy. I really wanted to put that one on here for you this Monday!

~We attended Sunday morning worship at Horizon again...awesome! Do everything as unto the Lord. EVERYTHING. it may seem pointless, you may want to grumble, but do whatever it is as if you are doing it for Him! That will surely make you want to rephrase what you were going to say, change your attitude or do that icky, gross little thing you were trying to avoid, like working in the nursery (convicted on that one here), changing diapers, wiping noses, dealing with a disobedient child, making that phone call that you don't want to make, etc. Pastor Randy's message was applicable and powerful! And I was impressed AGAIN today at how caring the people here are...not afraid to reach out, hug you, talk to you, look u in the eye...We are so blessed to have literally "stumbled" onto this place and these Spirit-filled peeps!

~Well, we are enduring the remnants of Hurricane Ike. He's a fierce one! The wind is whipping every which way here at our place and I'll admit, I'm kinda spooked (it doesn't help that D. and the 3 boys are out of town on a job today, Mel and Moll have been sleeping for the past 2 hours and we watched "The Village" last night (no, not "David Young: Village of Dreams although that is in my Blockbuster queue to get next)...and on top of that (as if we could TOP any of that)...with all this wind whipping around, I heard a funny noise...went out up here on the porch...observed the yard...looked straight out and noticed one of our trees (not too far from the tree we lost in July) split and a good hunk of it fell over, toward one of our neighbors. In the short time of observance from my porch stoop, I hear this cracking, creaking sound...kind of a freakish noise, especially because I was not sure which tree it was that was falling...where was it going to fall, onto what? was the second part of the fallen tree from today...and it went down HARD & fast, >>whump<< (yeah, just like that), falling onto the tree that I actually SAW fall back in July. Do I have a gift for observing these grand objects fall to their deaths? I dunno but it's pretty weird to me that this was the 2nd time I have observed one of our trees fall dead over...David was quite jealous...

Well, I need to get my house cleaned up and make some rounds 'round here to make sure nothing else is falling over or blowing away. Be safe and God Bless you on this day of rest.

Edit: Just checked my blockbuster queue to check status of DAVID YOUNG: Village of Dreams...and while you can put it in your queue, it is NOT available. Seems kinda stupid to I guess I won't get to see his motion picture debut any time soon! Dang!!


Stickers said...

Jeff and I were watching a movie when the storm hit and I immediately said, "It's whom we don't speak of"

Hope this finds everyone safe.

It took me 7 tries to get this w.v:
zwnjcx (well worth the search, huh?)


Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

ha ha..another good line from The Village...chock full of one line goodness.

We are all safe. Hope everyone is safe your way!

your w.v. was groovy baby.

thanks for letting me join you and Zman for coffee today.

Tory said...

Again, love the pix...even if they are old! I love that it shows how much more handsome Will is with shorter hair, and how cute Levi is even when he is doing a "Monk" thing. Oh, and of course, just how cute Moll-monster really was. I LOVE Nora's page. You are uber-talented! Thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us. Am jealous of Stickers getting to have coffee with you. ;( But, then again, I still cannot work out a time to come see you. Guess, I'll get over it. ;)

Will be praying for you during the rest of Ike. I cannot believe that it was still that strong by the time it got up your way. In respect to the whole observation thing, that's where you are most definitely like my mom. I swear, a deer could be right in front of my face, and I wouldn't see it...but, she can see one a mile away. Guess, that would have been handy in the hunting and gathering days.

So glad that you got a chance to post on a Sunday! AGAIN! Love it. Hugs, t

wv: ciocaqe (cio cagey monkey?)

Tory said...

Guess, you must have had a busy Monday, too! Just wanted to say that I sure did miss your humor and insight. Love ya, chickadee!

wv: idhxdzgm (i'd had z gum!)