Monday, September 29, 2008

The frump of which I spoke...and a very cute baby boy

I. hate. getting. MY. picture. taken. that's it. so I tend to make horrible coping mechanism. this is me, 21 years old, 3 weeks exactly before giving birth to Will Franklin. not sure what my hair is doing here. I love my belly and the big old 8 pound + baby inside! Where did this time go?

Will's big know what I love best about this picture from nearly 14 years ago? my white head band. so vain.

This is a fun one for a few it ok if I reminisce here? ok, thanks...Moms, you know that exhilarating feeling you get once you deliver your baby, especially with no pain meds? that is what is happening here. I felt like I was Queen of the world. So glad to be alive, to have lived through the act of transition and childbirth...Mary Ann, awesome midwife, is examining our sweet 8 lb. 11 oz boy to the left. I'm talking to some mysterious person behind her (I was probably hallucinating). My brother Andy is trying to feed me some scrambled eggs. ick. I also love my extremely swollen feet (they were horrible with Will). I can still remember all these details...all the people coming over after church to see what had happened. and the midwife sitting by me, getting agitated because I wouldn't stop talking or showing off our fresh new son! Will, whatta nice introduction into parenting you were for your Dad and I. I can't believe I'm not that 21 year old chick anymore. where was David? probably straightening up, vacuuming, pacing, freaking out.

here's what goes thru my head when I see this picture...ummm, take a bath, greaser. and lose the white headband and weird shirt. And then the sweet thoughts turn on...oh, look at that cherub baby...he is ONE DAY OLD here and so perfect and chubby...I want to sniff that little head one more time. kiss his too soft but very red cheeks...remember this Mom, Beck??

These pix are for u, Tory dear...I get really disgustingly nostalgic...all the time...but especially when Will's birthday rolls around, since he was my first kid...what is it about that? I think it must be the autumn season...dunno.

David and I have been sooo very blessed with incredible birth experiences, each and EVERY time. On top of THAT, each kid has been extremely healthy, beautiful and for that, we thank the Lord, and do not take that for granted one bit. I am so honored to have been pregnant with each of my beautiful children. Will, Ethan, Melanie, Levi, and complete me, us. You each are exactly how I imagined my kids to be when playing that fun game of LIFE, when you graduated, married and filled your little game piece car up with blue or pink pegs...

Excuse the drippy nostalgia...I just don't say it enough....I love you, WEMLM! more than words can say.

Ok, nighty and peace to you, whoever you are. :)


velvet said...

you always crack me up with your funny side comments about your hubs always cleaning up :)
a big hooray! for midwifes and non-hospy births!! you are awesome - even in your white headband! i can't believe you were twenty-freaking-one and having a baby! :)
and btw, that is exactly how i felt after giving birth (unmedicated, with a midwife) - EMPOWERED! sister, hear me roar, and all that.

Simplicity said...

I absolutely love your drippy nostalgia. I needed a good cry to start off my day.

I also love the discription of how you get your picture taken. I've noticed lately that I don't have many pictures of myself--and the ones I do have are goofy in one way or another. :)

I love how you talk about your family. True love!


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the mickey mouse baseball shirt? Pair it with the white headband and some mom jeans, and you have a true trendsetter. Let's bring it back! I loved that whole day! Will was such a sweet little guy and i was just so proud of my new little nephew. I try to smell his head now, but he gets a little weirded out...i don't see why, though? xoxo
WV: pxhilgm-gen x pilgrim? i dunno...

Tory said...

Wow, you really are hard on yourself all the time, aren't you? I mean, you just had a baby for goodness sake, and you even crack on yourself then. Be nice to Laurie! ;)

I love the pictures, although the one in the tub freaks me out just a little...and all this talk about home delivery and no meds...OMGosh (as stickers would say), just kill me now! But, I think it's great that you did it, and at 21 with an almost 9 pound baby. Guess that answers that question...all of your kids were healthy!

Prayed for you guys yesterday between the graffiti tunnel and the infamous round building.

Hugs, t

wv:xtytxzao (yeah, that about wraps it up)

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

Velvet: love the non-hospy births reference...I find myself shortening words now, just like you! that feeling is amazing isn't it?? wish we could bottle it up!

Jodi: awww, I made you cry? gooooood!! I love a fellow momma that will cry drippy tears with me!! we've GOT to meet soooooon!

A. Nonymous: aka Becky...I did love that Looney Tunes baseball shirt that I stole from you...I really did. isn't it funny how we actually wore that, I mean, I was a 20ish year old woman, mother...c'mon! I have seen you trying to sniff Will's shaggy head and the look on his face is PRICELESS...hee hee. glad I got to share that memory with you! love you, sissy.

Toryliciousness: just so ya know, I wasn't in the tub there...I was on my bedroom floor...just so y'all don't go getting icky visuals...and I'm hard on myself for good reason...LOOK AT ME!! All of our kids were healthy...Levi was the only questionable one (midwives spotted a hairy tuft at the base of spine, which can indicate spina bifida) but he's fine. Will was my biggest baby! way to break mom in, kid! youch! Thanks for praying for us...I am honored. I'm praying for you too...every time I think of you!

thanks for all the awesome comments, girls! You all ROCK and I be lovin' ya! LY

Stickers said...

Hate the headband.

Love your goo.

Maternity clothes used to be so ugly. Now they are so freakin' cute that we can all stay fat and wear them for a couple of years after each kid and still look ummmmm...Well, we still look pregnant... but we're cute.


wv: azcjgomp (who's mp and why are we cheering them on?)

dmoms said...

do you scan all your pictures in?

agree with Velvet. If I was to do it all over again, I would go the home/mid wife way of having a baby.

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

hey dmoms, I did scan these oldies into my computer.

we love our midwives!! they have all rocked!!

have a great evening!