Thursday, September 11, 2008

A book review

"Pea Pod Babies" by Karen Baicker and Sam Williams....two thumbs up!

This book is simply adorable. It is my new favorite kids book. I got it for Molly for her first Christmas (yes, 2007)...and while the other kids have read it and I know Mel has read it to Moo, this was my first time. I know, that is horrible. We kinda forgot about it. I sat down and read it to Levi tonight and it was memorable. Here's why...

The two big boys were in the living room with me, but they were doing their math work. By the second page, they both ended up on the couch with Levi and I...Will even tried to sit on my lap (no joke)...It is such a cute little book...for any age! and I mean it.

does anybody want a peanut?

or a pea pod baby?

I know I do.

How are you tonight? enjoying this mild weather? or maybe it's not mild where you are. sorry 'bout that. Hope this finds you enjoying some rest, relaxation and joyfulness. Peace!!


Tory said...

What a poignant post! Okay, so, now I want to read that book. ;) Good job of peaking our interest. I always love children's books. My all time favorites are Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumbs (Dr. Seuss, of course) and the Saggy Baggy Elephant. However, I also like the relatively "new" little critter series.

Hugs, toots!

wv: puksfdn (kind of speaks for itself...should have used Stickers' technique to get a new one.)

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I'll have to read it!

wv: vfloq...okay, i have nothing on this one! I've tried, but i don't think that my brain is functioning yet today.

Stickers said...

What's the deal with with you guys and the poignant. It sounds okay, but looks kind of nasty in print.

For young children's books we recommend:

Owl Babies (by Martin Wadell - I think)

How I Became I Pirate - Melinda Long

Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are. -Dr. S

wv:genfed (the gene ff - this gene allows you fluff feathers well. I don't want to hear what's going through your mind right now)I did not cheat to get this one.


Stickers said...

Please exuse my typos these past few days. You can see how frazzled I am. It doesn't help, now that my eye is almost swollen shut.

Previous wv was genfef

this one is cojusna (I see just '

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

I know poignant is kind of a weird word but I'm rather fond of it! it reminds me of a pregnant pig...all curly and weird.

thank you, fine ladies, for your young children's books referrals...I will look into them..but you've gotta check out pea pod makes me cry it's so cute! the drawings and words...classic combinations!

Tory, you can read the book when you come to my house. now!

Beck, you will love it. reminds me of something you and I would ooh and ahh over, like those cute little tags placed on baby clothing just for us...

as for cojusna? sounds like a fancy alcoholic beverage. but I wouldn't know anything about that.

for real.

um. ok. Stickers...I hope your eye gets better TODAY. I will pray for you..I would have called you back but D. is leaving and I'm scrapping for Nora's birthday...sooooo. I will try to call you later. have a happyFriday folks!

Simplicity said...

I love children's books! They are my absolute favorites! My big kids still like to listen to them too--although Carrie might not admit that right now.

I'm so relieved to hear that a little bit of cowardice kept you from saying hi at the get-together. Me too! I'm pretty much a chicken when it comes to meeting new people.

And...I had no idea that we are sort of neighbors!

I'm excited about meeting soon!

About the wv...I am clueless. I sit and look at the wv so long that it no longer looks like anything.

akfjn? Any thoughts?