Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Little bits and pieces of Holland

Levi loved waving...

ahhhh, lovely

Burying Ethan alive

Jeff waving around with Levi

Big Red, the lighthouse..again, I have better ones but they need to be rotated..so this is just a taste!

what's a trip to the beach with out sandcastling?

Molly looooved crawling up and down the sand. I forgot her swim suit! so she's looking all raggedy in her sunsuit.

waiting for our fish n' chips
dinner at this cool little downtown Holland pub called the Curragh...looked like kind of an old time Irish pub

We took this pic for our friend, John B., since that is what people call him. Jeff and I got one too but I will put them on later.

Hello folks!! Can you believe it? I'm actually blogging in my hotel room....which, how I got on here, I'm not quite sure (being quite nearly computer illiterate and all)...but they have free wireless here and so I gave it a try!!

These are just a few pix from our yesterday highlights...Lake Michigan is beautiful, there were lots of people out there for Labor Day and we all had a really good, but tiring time!! I would have put more pix on here also but since this computer doesn't have my usual Canon software on it, I have to figure out how to rotate some of my pix, actually a good part of my pix...it wouldn't let me! and I got some really good ones! I will try to figure it out later but until then, enjoy your Tuesday...I know we are!


Stickers said...

Thanks for the pictures. Makes me miss you guys even more. Smooch.

Tory said...

I love the pictures. That really makes me miss the beauty of Michigan. Wow, you captured it! And, the Irish Pub looks like fun. I just love Irish pubs and restaraunts; especially, when they have live Irish music. Looks like ya'll are having a good time enjoying the waves. Love ya, chickadee! And, thanks for the shout out.

velvet said...

we used to go to the holland tulip festival in mich every year when i was a kid :) my mom made me and jeremy dress up in costumes - wooden shoes and all. i kid you not! my bro was NOT thrilled :)

Natalie said...

Nice pix. ;D

Ummm...oh yeah.
I LOVE your new Blog layout. It's sooper cute and looks like your style. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast! We miss you and wish we could be there with you! xoxo

Heather said...

Now THAT is some loyal blogging! You never disappoint! Great pics! Looks like fun...I hope you're relaxing and enjoying yourself, too! XOXO!

Stickers said...

Calla wants to know if you let Melanie drink beer. I told her that it was most certainly rootbeer or some such thing. Sitting over here waiting for more pics. What up?

Stickers said...

Did I just say "What up"

I meant to say smooch. I don't know what has gotten into me today!


my word verification today is nzlzi- I kid you not!