Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sunsets, sandy piggies, and shoes of wood

Yes, it does look like they are going to jump on that car. Alas, they did not. they were just trying to break their legs in some sand! Thanks for showing them this, Jeff. yeah, thanks!

feisty one...

sometimes I feel like this duck

we all decided it would be fun to stroll the Holland streets on one of their hottest days...if you know me, you know I was dying. sweating, nearly crying. but I survived.

this is totally out of order but Mrs. Squareface makes an appearance...

those are some big shoes ya got there, ma'am.

Levi tried to "lift" his little sample pair...boy, he looks swell in his wooden kicks.

Jeff didn't buy any of these wooden shoes (hard to jog in)...but my brother bought himself a pair...I failed to get a picture of that though.

This guide, Tony (not a very Dutch name if you ask me)...came to America in 1950...we were privy to his very last demonstration on how wooden shoes are made...he was leaving his job to have his hip replaced...awww. he was really cool.

How ya doin' there, boyos?


These are the Dutch wooden wedding carvings huh?

building forts with our friends...

alpha omega

This was at Tunnel can see the tunnel...and that trek up to it? yeah, looks innocent, huh? it isn't...especially toting a 25 lb sleeping baby, any beach gear we had brought (and there was a lot), a stroller, which doesn't roll in the sand well AT ALL, and 9 tired peeps. ahhh...

The boys of summer...finally came back up to shore for me, so that I could take a few pix of them!

Ethan is under here...

Annie and Melanie

nothing like rolling around in the sand

This was her bird stance...she loved the seagulls

ohhh, sweet, sandy baby piggies...resting serenely.

Jeff and E, chasing Levi.

time to go...

stairs that Tom and I had to hike to get our sunset pix...

perfect ending to a wonderful getaway...worth the hike!

Tammy & Annie joined us for a game of A2A...her hubby, Bobby, and their other girls, were resting in their room!

We had such a lovely time on our trip up to the Mitten. I am so bummed that it's over and that life as we know it must resume. But that's always a good thing too...I like consistency and schedules. it's always a little bit hard to get the brood back into lovin' it though. No one wants to do anything they are supposed to. (nuttin' a good beatin' won't cure, huh, huh?)

Here's a funny little story:
Yesterday (Tues), while we were scurrying out of the lobby to go to the beach...we noticed some little girls...and I thought, how fun for Mel, maybe she can meet them in the pool upon our return this evening. Mel hesitated.

When she met up with me out in front, she said "Mom, that was Annie K." and I didn't believe her..but then I heard Annie's mom speak, while unloading her car...she has a fun southern accent, unmistakable. I turned around "What the heck are you guys doing here???" (I know, I'm a warm gal, so approachable)...I mean, what are the chances of that actually happening? they were in our homeschool group from last year...Annie was on Mel's spring soccer team and they became fast friends. Tammy and I tried to coordinate a get together a few times this summer and it never meshed. Well, here ya go...this was not a coincidence...when God wants certain people in your life, He makes sure to work out the fun little details (at least that is how it has been in our lives, how 'bout you??)....... I'm a bit of a Tammy & Bobby probably got sick of me saying "I just can't believe this happened.." They met up with us at the beach for a few hours and then we met up again in the lobby for a rousing game of our old time fave, "Apples to Apples"...I always enjoy getting to know people better through that game...'Twas nice to meet up with you, folks! Let's get together again soon! Whatta blast!

Ok, well all this uploading has worn me out so I will close for today....write more tomorrow. Hope your week is going well!

by the way, Molly's mom forgot her bathing suit, that is why she is sporting the swimmer...did I mention that?


Tory said...

Wow, no wonder you are tired! What a pleasant surprise to get up to such wonderful pictures and a lovely story to boot! As always, I love all of the pictures, but my favorite is of Molly-Moo with her sweet chubby cheeks and front teeth (I think it's the seagull picture). And, I loved seeing your beautiful face. How about seeing friends there? I was thinking to myself the whole time that you never mentioned meeting friends. Now,I know the rest of the story. I just love "coincidences" like that. It's what I think of as witnessing one of God's miracles in our time. Just glad that you had so much fun. Guess, you had to come home to rest, huh?! Love ya, squirt!

Tory said...

BTW, I love your new profile picture. Even if it looks like you are hiding! ;) Speaking of that, isn't it almost time for Christmas pictures? Isn't that what the last profile picture was from (the one with you and the girls)? Just a random pressure.

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

yup, you are right...I did have to come home to rest. that was exhausting, to say the least. I look forward to the day of traveling with easier moments...but trying to cherish the baby years! ahhh, nothing quite like 'em!

In that picture, yes, I am trying to you can kinda tell what I look like without me scaring you away from my blog all together. It is time for us to do our Christmas would've been cool to have them taken at the beach. but no. I don't think that way. that would mean preparation.

glad you are doing well! you are in my thoughts and prayers, young lady!

lots of love to you and yours,


Heather said...

Love all of the pictures! How fun! Sorry it's over, but it'll be nice to get back to your own beds.
Does W's shirt in one of the shoe pics say "Nerd"? I love it! I want one! What's even funnier - he's NOT one! But I that's why I NEED one...
Anxious to see you guys next Friday!

Stickers said...

Where to begin...
What an awesome post!

My favorite picture of course was the one of the sweet baby toes because I LOVE FEET.

Tory - I was just thinking today that it is almost time for Christmas. Do you think it's too early to put Christmas music on my blog?

Jeff - Someone once told me that real men cross their legs like that. I'm still not convinced.

My word verification code today is "fatbla" How cool is that?

Tory said...

Stickers - don't think it's too early at all. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of putting up the tree...that will give me 6 months before I have to figure out where I am going to store the darn thing. ;)

Anonymous said...

I.Love.All.of.These.PICTURES!!! They're even better on the blog then they were on the camera!!! It looks like you guys had such an awesome time. Molly is such a doll in her seagull stance. Could be a new yoga move! Missed you guys, but so good to see you Weds night. Piper "called" you again about 7 times on the way home. She "knows" your's 888877025223 or something like that. I need to store it. :) xoxo

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

I agree, Beck..the pix seem better on here...heck, it would be really cool to print some of those out too..maybe I'll do that this year!
We missed you guys too...maybe next year, you can go with was such an awesome time! I think I will move to the beach!!

Heather, Will's shirt does say NERD on are NOT a nerd, in the typical nerd are one rockin' momma! It was nice to get home to our beds...what is it with that?

Stickers, I love the baby toes too...I'm with Tory, go ahead and get that Christmas music going. I usually start in Mid-October...otherwise, there is just not enough time to love all that Christmas music.

Thanks for all of your nice comments folks! I'm lovin' you!