Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let's see here...

Nora waiting for her little cake

This is Beck's new little midriff baring, really, Nora got it for her b-day..but B. thought it was funny that it said little sisters rock and she thinks she does. (you do, B! you just loooove rubbing it in, dontcha) you make me giggle.

Nbean kept this little tiara on for about 2 pix...she doesn't like anything on her head.

Beck with Christy...they work together, though not in person, like they used to. Christy is a PT and quite an awesome woman, I might add!

can you see the sweat glistening on my brow here? Molly surely thinks I am gross but what a fun self-portrait!

chubby head

One handsome dude!! can you say heart throb?

~Good afternoon! Hope this lovely Wednesday afternoon finds you well and filled with joy!
~I'm struggling to find some joy, as my new camera doesn't work. long story.
~ These pix are from last Friday...Nora's First Birthday party etc. Sorry for the ramble...I always struggle with what to "write" about (if u could call this "writing")...
Lightbulb moment: Levi and I were doing his schoolwork, cutting, handwriting, and he wrote his name for the first time today. all of it. He usually writes it L V I...but he learned how to make the lowercase E steps. He has come so far in the past 6 months. He is such a funny character. And truly the only kid of mine, thus far, that asks to do his schoolwork.
Um, I guess I should go mow my yard, since our house looks abandoned kinda...David and the big boys worked on the beams for the porch roof today. It's cool because it totally puts the enormity of this porch into perspective! baby steps. Molly is still rashing and woke up throwing up this morning. It was the first time she had vomited this way (big kid way)...and you could tell it totally freaked her out. Poor sweet girl.
Ok, I can wait no longer...the grass is calling me....until next time!


Stickers said...

Poor Molly Molly Moo.
Hope she doesn't have the flu.
If she does, what will we do?
Clean the goo and wipe the poo.

My fortune cookie tonight said that I would find a new outlet for my creativity and would excell beyond measure... hmmmm.

Can't wait to see the porch.

After 21 tries wv: sjvznycg - bonus because it has NYC in it.


Tory said...

Oh, little Mooster is sick. That is so sad. Speaking of poo and goo, can you believe that we were actually talking about "poopage" in our class today. Kind of funny! It really helps liven up the atmosphere to use such technical terms.

Love the picture of Levi...better pick your stick out're going to have to beat them girls off.

Anyway, hope you had a better afternoon/evening. Loved your blog even though you think it wasn't anything special. It's like a lifeline to real life for me. Love ya', kiddo!

wv: jxamqhnp (huh? looks like some of my readings! haha)

Tory said...

BTW, two things. One, I forgot toe comment on Princess Chubby Head...I just LOVE that picture...shows that the bobblehead effect is still there. And, two, we just finished watching America's Got Talent, and I don't know if you watch it or not...but, there was this family...the Wright family, 2 little girls and a boy, and I mentioned to mom that something about them reminded me about your family, and right after that, one of the kids called to the other kid and told "Levi" to do something. Strange, huh?! Just thought I would share.

wv: nueew (meow)

Simplicity said...

You have such a beautiful family! I especially love that "out of the corner of her eyes" look that Molly is giving you...precious! Great picture of you, by the way!

Thank you for the "baby steps" reminder. My "to do list" gets so far ahead of me--and I get sooooo frustrated! I must remember "baby steps."

On my "to do list" was to sign up for the storytelling event. Guess what. It got ahead of me, and I realized it on Monday afternoon. So...we won't be going. :( I feel so air-brained most of the time lately.

Love your rhyme, Stickers!
You did the wv 21 times?
You are the most determined person I know!

Can't wait to meet, Laurie!
Have a beautiful Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Nora looks bored and little sisters DO rock. So do big sisters. :) At least mine does. Love the chubby face pic of moo. She's so stinkin' cute. Congrats to Levi on mastering the lower case e. hopefully Piper will realize that there's only 3 lines in a capital E and not 7...she'll get there. Piper just started cutting (at school, not as an emotional outlet! C'mon!)and loves it. She said that she wants scissors like Levi's and wants to go to his house for a long time. That was our convo on the way home from the Y last night. So deep. Hope the Moo is feeling better! Poor thing!! We'll definitely plan on meeting for coffee one night next week. xoxo

WV: ssnsbpvv---sadly, the only thing i can think of is puss in boots.