Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eccentric posting

One of my favorites of my dad with Melanie on our back porch. Nov. 2001

This pic of Melly is from 2004...I just appreciate how it conveys her sheer sweetness and joy in trying on flowergirl dresses. She is a girl's girl. Now, if I could get her out of her soccer clothes and into some frill.

Beck, wow! I think you thought u were chubby here too, if'n I remember correctly. You came down to see our newly installed kitchen and to show off how hot you are!

ok, when I think about my big boys, this is how I still picture them. Mom, you probably do too, that is why it is so hard for us to see such big boys, because these little boys were so dang cute! This puts some things into perspective, though. E. is Levi's age here! can I just say, nice pajamas?

Plus five years, soon to be six. ack. this party was a total surprise to me but I can be quite clueless. I mean, look at my clothes and hair. like I said. taken Dec. 2002

Ok, so maybe that is a stretch (eccentric posting, that is) but I can't find my camera right now so you are stuck with these oldies (Tory said she likes 'em, esp. since they are new to her)...

We have lived in our house for a bit over 7 years. I have some really funny pix from when we lived in here and hardly anything was finished, we had 3 small kids here and our good friend, Jeff as well. weird times. Most of these are from 2001. Except for that one of me, turning 30, looking tired (Levi was one month old at this party and a challenging baby, he had spit up really bad on our way to the party all OVER me, mind you, hence my appearance. Plus, I had not been introduced to proper eyebrow care yet).
~Hard to believe that 7 years ago today, probably right about now, the Sept. 11 events were occurring. but that is for another blog all together (Tom, maybe today would be a good day to start your own blog)...We had only lived in our house for 2 months at that point. Weird times.
For today, though, time to get the crews moving, and maybe we will be inspired to take some cool pix for our blog. Until then, hope you have a lovely Thursday (Tory, enjoy your day off doing laundry)...
Peace out,
NOTE: When I type my text out, in this neat little box, I have it all spaced out just so, and then when I post it, it all comes up into one blob, making it look like it's all one paragraph. Not sure why it does that but it bugs me. Just so ya know.


Heather said...

I LOVE the vintage pics (altho they're not THAT vintage)! B needs to cut out that malarkey! She's hot no matter what or when. Hear that, B?!

Stickers said...


Laurie-I love your birthday pic. You look so innocent there. Thanks for reminding me what day it is.

wv: sedadjrz (Okay, I'm not making these up, I swear! It's just freaky!)


Tory said...

Oh, that is so perfect that they're from 2001...I was just sitting here remembering. It still brings tears to my eyes.

I love the picture of Mell...that will be an awesome one to bring back for her wedding in umpteen years. You really have that knack for capturing the perfect photos. That's why I love them so much.

As for eyebrows, I just really started in the past couple of years myself. People that see me know something is different but cannot figure out what it is. hahahaha...

Hugs, t

wv: hpydtxr (happy detoxifier?)

Tory said...

Rumor on the street has it that you don't answer the phone. Is it because you are soooo busy? Or, is it because you are like myself and my friend Johnny, hearing a ringing phone makes us want to vomit?! Seriously, I have some kind of aversion to the person, I'm okay and online, it's GREAT! (In the words of Tony the Tiger.) Anyway, just wondering if that wasn't something else we had in common?! Then again, if you have dial-up, do you have a phone if you are online?

zwqui (that just screams salsa...not really sure why?!)

love ya, t

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

Tory, thought I'd better answer this since I know u will check it. We do have dial-up (yeah, I know, retarded) but I use my cell phone for all calls. so if you ever feel like talking, I will definitely answer for you! and JUST IN CASE, I will email it to you. I would hate to miss that call.

I despise phone ringing. it makes my skin crawl and I really don't like to talk on the phone...I'd rather talk in person and though that isn't possible with a lot of people, emailing does the same thing for me. but man, that sounds so anti-social.

another thought then I'll stop, you know how cell phones emit radiation? yeah, I think I can feel my ears hardening and some kind of tumor forming.

do you know anything about the different kinds of hi-speed internet available? I'm so computer-delayed that I could really be missing out...

ok, have a wonderful Friday at school, my dear! you are in my thoughts and prayers!

lovin' ya! LY

xdkea: isn't that some kind of car?

Stickers said...

Sometimes the phone is the easiest way for your friends to communicate something important to you that may be miscommunicated in an email. Or they are really excited about something. Or they really need prayer immediately.

My thoughts.



Tory said...

Yeah, okay, so I checked it a couple of days late. ;) But, I checked. I don't think it's retarded that you have dial-up...what's retarded is that you live so close to the "big city" yet don't have the ability to get cable. I have friends that live in the hills of WV that got cable about 5 years ago. Can we say somebody's cable company infrastructure is behind the times? What are they waiting for an invitation? "Invisible" wiring? What?

Guess, I didn't even think about a cell phone, but then again, while I have one, I really don't use it a lot. And, I feel your tumor, definitely feel that tumor growing and it like responds to the radiation of the cell phone. ;)

As for high-speed internet, I cannot say that I am the most informed. But, I know that there is DSL which is offered through the phone line. That is supposed to be almost as fast as cable. Most people that I have "polled" don't see a significant difference, and they love it. Then, there is cable through the cable company and satellite providers. Again, not much difference, just speeding down that internet highway. So, those two option are really the only ones that I know of. I would think that you could get DSL (through whomever your local cell company is), but your momma said something about you guys maybe getting satellite.

Well, I hope you are having fun scrapping. BTW, October 4th is national card making day...just thought that I would throw that out there. Hopefully, one of our friends in Kinston will host a card making gathering. Really need to get started on Christmas cards and gifts. Love ya, sweet pea! (don't you like how I got that from your book...well, I really didn't, but it goes so well.) Have a great weekend.

wv: djcqdwg (whassup dog?)