Friday, September 5, 2008

reddish brown hair and the last of our trip

just some of the quaint little shops in and around Holland

these statutes were really cool....a memorial to Edgar Prince, whoever that is (ask my brother)

getting sing songy with the kids

David's red eyes and the spooky eyes of this particular girl kinda freak me out...

this is for you, Stickers.

I felt sorry for the guy with this name. I mean, really.

Molly wasn't so sure of the shoulders...

these statutes were raising the flag...kinda cool.

outside the Curragh..

JP's coffee shop...we went to this place on Tuesday...such good coffee and a cool little shop. Jeff is just here because he is such a coffee advocate. it was only right.

this is my new hair color...yes, surprising...but it's fall hair, folks. get over it.

I feel like my cool west coast friend, Amy (Calamity Jane)...who has such pretty hair and can really pull this color off...she's cool that way!

Hello are ya on this dreary Friday?

We've been busy and today is no different. This evening is our get together for a new group of homeschoolers we have joined. It's a low key little group and we are so excited and blessed to be a part of it! I will hopefully have some pix to post on here.

My next post needs to be on Levi's first actual teeth cleaning...he sat through it so good yesterday!!

Otherwise, I am outta here...Jillian's calling but hope this finds you ready for a restful weekend!



Stickers said...

Smokin' Hot Hair. We redheads will have to hang together!


Tory said...

I do love the new, if I could only see your pretty face to see how it all fits. Do you usually go darker for the fall? I have seriously thought about changing things up, but then, I know that the only way to get back to the base color is to grow it out. Arrrggghhh!

Great pictures, and I feel your uploading pain with all of those...hence, all of the compliments. ;) Love the picture of the coffee fanatic! Good one, Jeff. Of course, you should have been in the picture with him. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend. My word verification for the day is vsebhd! Hugs, t

Simplicity said...

I'm so sorry we didn't get to officially meet last night! I feel like I know you, what with the blogging and Nicky and Sherry and all.

Love your hair color!
I wish I were brave.

We'll meet soon...

velvet said...

LOVE the hair color!! that looks SO good on you! you are one hot mama :) and sorry blondes, but i think redheads have the most fun :)

LisaT said...

Love the hair color...maybe because it looks just like mine! =)