Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"I like her bangs"

"Your hair looks really dorky, Molly"

This is funny to me. funny that these are the daughters of my sister and I. funny that after all those years of playing house, dreaming what our kids would be like, these are the kids that God has blessed us with (of course, I'm not including my three boys but you know what I mean). It's also funny to me that Beck's girls look so much like their dad and my girls look so much like their dad (good thing, huh?) and each one of these females has such a unique personality. all different. so stinkin' cute..some more laid back than others...

Poor Molly, stumbling around like the lights have been turned off...cruel parenting. I can't help that the child has stick straight bangs and she refuses to keep the barrette in. Nora looks like she's saying "so glad my mom styles my hair"
~Can you tell me what movie that title line is from?
Here are a few pix from this past Sunday night's visit with my sis and her girls.
I went around after Miss Moo this morning, just snapping some shots of her going here and there...she is non-stop. time for another "this time last year" installment. to make me weep soberly for the baby that has been replaced by this spaz.
In other news, a quiet day on our homefront. Well, kinda. David isn't working but he is taking the boys out to meet a friend. Thank you, ol' I can stay home and do some school and exercise with whatever kids are left. Tonight, Levi has soccer practice...and all my laundry is caught up. I don't believe it. I hope that you, whoever you are, have a lovely Wednesday, for we are having one here in the midwest...76 degree day. Amen and welcome Autumn. Talk at ya later!


Anonymous said...

Too cute! The (little) girls were so cute together! I love moo's giant head of hair! You need to get her a Nap TNT sweat band...Nora is only looking at her like "what's that beautiful fluff adorning your skull?"...she wishes...

Tory said...

I thought that Molly just wanted to have hair like the big girls...with the side bang...She's way COOL! You know! I love that you refer to the toddler as a spaz...that's exactly the way that I feel. I love kids when they are babies until about walking age...then, I like them again about the time that they go off to kindergarten. Wouldn't be a good mom, huh?! So, glad that you and Beck are! Just wished one of those kids looked like you beautiful ladies. Happy Wednesday to you.

WV: eujhrf

Stickers said...

Okay, so what movie is it from? Looking Who's Talking????

Such prim and well-behaved ladies. Do they get that from their fathers also?

wv: itkkgunhm (I take a gun home)

Kids we're gonna get ya some proper like socialization like them kids git at public school.


Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

"I like her bangs" from Napoleon Dynamite...nice try, Stickers...Nap TNT is our codename for that fave. Yes, our girls definitely get their genteel ladylike ways from their fathers. in actuality, our husbands have much more "class" than B or I...but they aren't nearly as fun!

Beck, love your reference to beautiful fluff adorning her skull. hee hee. you have a way with those words. I love you so! I love these pics of our little girls. sheer awesome!

Tory, you underestimate yourself...really. Becky, Stickers and I all have children...and we still wonder how that happened...and why us? :) big smile. thanks for your kind words. you will definitely have to plan a trip to see us, unless, of course, you want our families to descend onto your quiet life. We find it's better for us to have folks "in" at this time in our lives..and not to ruin your sanctuaries...they are never the same.

I love you girls. Have I told you this lately? your word verification games are fun. You should see mine today. it is a sign from God.

sonlv. I am to love my sons. sometimes I need to be reminded of this. like tonight in the car on the way home from soccer practice.

hugs to you!

Tory said...

I will most definitely have to visit. Then, I can meet all of your cool, funny friends. And, of course, I can see the rest of your your momma, Tommy and Beck. Glad to know you love your kiddoes...they are so cute and clever. Love ya, chiclet!

qenvvjfk (???? all i can think is queen for a day...but that really doesn't fit...)

Heather said...

OK - I'm going to take a stab and guess that quote is from Napoleon Dynamite...but knowing you, I'm sure it's probably from Steel Magnolias. Am I right on either?
Cute of the girlies together. You know they're going to grow up to be JUST LIKE THE TWO-A-YUTES! Heaven help us...; ) MWAH!

Heather said...

P.S. OK, I'm really not THAT dense (but sometimes I wonder)...I obviously didn't read the previous comments before I commented, myself.

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

you are dead on, Heather. and we will chalk that "denseness" (whatever) up to pregnancy, k? you're cute. :) you are also quite right on about Molly and Nora...praying will get us through. I'm scared. :)

hugs, pregoliciousness!