Sunday, September 7, 2008

Walking for Life, locked in and sunburned babies

Mel hangin' with Adelaide...

compare these two shots of Molly...almost exactly one year apart and sunburned again and in brown polka dots...spooky!

Ahhh, the weekend. A time to rest, reorganize and relate. Right?

Maybe in the past but not at this point in our lives. We said no to doing some things so our fall season would be a bit more "relaxed". Hmmmph. Silly girl. Craziness finds us. (and that's ok with us)...The Lord presents us with so many cool opportunities. Let me list a few because I know you are dyyyyying to hear 'em. right? you're still here, right. thought so.

1.) We had a kick-off picnic for the new homeschool activity group we are a part of on Friday night. Let me just say homeschoolers know how to parrrrtaaay. I just want to say that our family is so blessed and thankful to be a part of such an awesome group of peeps, raising their kids in the nurture and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is NOTHING like it. Twenty families, 80 +, food, fellowship, praising, encouragement. The pictures speak for themselves. If that wasn't enough (we closed the place down at 11 pm), we hung out with some friends and watched "Signs" until 3 am. smart move.

2.) Walk For Life: Wow...again. What a neat opportunity...The local Crisis Pregnancy Centers (now called Life Centers, I think) had their 25th annual (wow, I'm almost as old as them...hee hee)'s not a long walk (one mile around the grandstand at the Indiana State Fairgrounds) but it's a neat operation, respectable and the speakers were not afraid to say the name of fact, one of the main ladies (Christy) got us all fired up, reminding us of what a powerful God we serve...among some other awesome traits of Jesus Christ (Creator, King of Kings). All 7 of us went, we donated some money, we all got t-shirts and enjoyed some family time! Shoot, they had stacks of boxes of Krispy Kreme that is when I knew it was a classy operation (that's for you C)!!

3.) Mel's first soccer game, which then turned into Will and Ethan's first soccer games, even though they were technically taking the fall off. Ha. I should've known they'd get recruited. But they are glad and always excited to be a part of it. Will even scored yesterday...and I saw it! Melanie even locked the van keys in the van so after the games, we tried to stick various kids' arms and even Amy's into the cracked window...a sweet, slim young girl came to our rescue and saved the day!! David's sister, Amy, and her three girls came down from the north side of Indy to spend the afternoon/evening with us. A full day.

We attended the Horizon Worship service this morning and heard Jason bring the message...he spoke, very thoroughly, on worship, why we worship, how, when...and it was really refreshing to hear...We feel so blessed, again, to have found such a sincere body to be a part of. We are continually amazed at how the Love of Christ just overflows in this group....

After church today, David went to work over in Terre the kids and I came home to clean (reorganize) and then Mel had a birthday party she was going to at 5 pm. At 7 pm, my parents and my sis and her two lovelies came down for some dinner and fellowship. I guess, all in all, it was a very relational weekend...whew!....but it was packed full and honestly, it amazes me sometimes how we can get here and there with all these people. They (the smaller people) are so very helpful to David and I and we wouldn't get anywhere without them.

If you think about it, would you pray for Ethan today? He has a killer is so swollen, that the canal is almost shut...kinda freaky and he's hurting! I know he would appreciate your prayers!


Stickers said...

I'm praying for you E. Hope we don't have to amputate.

I had fun watching the movie with you guys. I guess now everyone knows what time I got home. RS thinks we are all just the biggest bunch of party animals. Hmmm. Watching a movie with your kids in the living room. Can you say PAR-TAY! CS says he should just quit fighting the insomnia and join us. ha ha!

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Tory said...

Well, I don't think that there's anything left to be said it all. ;) Seriously, it makes me weary just taking it all in. So, glad that you had fun, but I am also thankful that I am just an observer into your life. Sorry to hear about E's earache. Hope he gets better soon. I had to go to the dentist today, and I made sure that I took an airborne so as not to catch that beginning of school crud. I sure don't have time to be sick. Anyway, I enjoyed your blog today. Love ya, funky monkey!

WV: gzigqmb (yeah, I had more letters than S!)

Stickers said...

Tory, it's not the amount of letters that's important. It's how you use them. ha ha

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Stickers said...

One more thing ~wish I had a man who could carry a chair on his head. You're a lucky, lucky girl!

word verification: pbzuziv
(Perhaps we can organize a game of word verification scrabble sometime.)


Tory said...

Oh, I do love the way you think, Stickers! Love Scrabble; although, they usually don't give very many vowels. Gotta fix that first. ;)

And, if we're putting in orders for men, I prefer those without the ability to carry a chair on the head. Although, I must admit he's a good sport!

WV: yrzfzlz


Charmaine said...

I am so pleased to hear that you choose to frequent events where Krispy Kreme donuts are served.

I am however, surprised that the CPC has such "extravagant" taste. They seemed such a responsible organization, too... ;)


P.S. We're praying for E's E over here...

Brittany said...

Your poor baby girl...

Praying for E!

Nat told me Amie moved. I've emailed her and no answer. Tell her I did. Will ya?

Very cool for the Walk for Life.

Soccer....ick. Hoping N doesn't like it. Since he likes to kick everything in sight, I think I'm in BIG trouble.

Uplifting, Christ-edifying homeschool group is AWESOME!

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

Hello adoring public,

thanks for your wise advice Stickers! and yes, we are partay animals. Come on over RS! we DO know how to party. and we are just coming into our party season! just in time for the S' family to welcome a new addition.

Tory, hope you don't end up catching any bugs from your dental appt today! and thank you for your E prayers...I know he appreciates it! he is NO fun when suffering. I mean, really, who is? hope you and Stickers can get an organized Blogger Scrabble game going...should be interesting!

Charmaine, I knew you'd be proud of my choice of supports...I mean, KK donuts ARE the best! I was quite surprised at the amount of boxes...oy vey...Nothing but the best for my babies.

Brittany...Amy doesn't seem to have internet access right she is moving I will let her know you are trying to contact her. I know she appreciates your concern and care.

If I forgot to answer any of you...I'll be back. I have babies in the tub...

Tory said...

Okay, I just know that we can get this up to 10 comments...what's a little effort? I heard the other day that some blogs get hundreds of comments. Can you imagine managing all of that? But, I am sure that SuperBlogger Laurie could handle it! Anyway, I just love being part of your partaying lifestyle...even if only on the periphery!

WV: tnwpdtoe (depot? any other ideas, Stickers?)

Stickers said...

I'll see your nine and raise you one, Tory.

It's pouring down rain here. I just got finished talking to a boy on the phone and can't get back to sleep.

Some KK's actually sound pretty good right now. I wish they were open 24 hours.

My word verification is gogzzagx.


Tory said...

I see your 10 and're so clever! Do you guys actually have KKs close to you? We have them, but they are inconvenient. I guess that's a good thing so we don't go there too often. However, down here in the south, they are usually open 24 hours. They sure do sound good...I love that Hot Donut light! There was one time that my friends were laughing at me...I was watching them come off the conveyor belt and was so sad when they were throwing the "deformed" ones away. Don't they deserve a home, too? I am sure they taste really GOOD, too!

Thanks for the laughs.

WV: lgavyato


Anonymous said...

kvqtlmxu. I think i beat all of you!

Stickers said...

Oh, yeah? What can you spell with that?

WV: bwekny (knew, bye, ney)

smooch to whoever you are

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

A-Nony-Mous is most likely my loving sister, who can't remember her password so Stickers, say hello to Becky...

Beck, that was a definite winner in the word verif. woooo

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

bwekney could be my new nickname for Beck...hmmm. I like it.