Wednesday, September 24, 2008

little glimpses

Yes, I let Levi paint. He loves it.

I've been trying to keep the TV off during the day but Levi loves PBS Kids, so I will let him watch it while the older kids do their work...I can't stand the sound of the TV on during the day (or at night really), and on top of that, it's a magnet (duh). If it's on, the older kids manage to find a way into the living room...even if it's only Barney singing his trademark ditty. Here we caught Molly doing her little dance to the song Barney and crew were singing here.

binocular eyes

" Will, why aren't you doing your work?"

"I'd rather lay in this pile of matchbox cars, if that's ok"

Ethan "grasps" more information if he is able to work in a way that is comfortable to him.

Melanie, looking up the definitions of some election words. yikes. bipartisan? caucus? quorum? propaganda? (which we couldn't even find in one of our newer dictionaries. interessssting)

"Do you like my pritty dress??" (what movie is that from, anyone?)

I'm not pregnant. But it sure seems like it the way I've been nesting lately. I'm not. I'm really not. (Becky, Mom, I'm not, promise) so someone please explain to me why I don't want to go anywhere? at all. (though I am quite excited to meet for coffee tonight, B)

could it be that gas is expensive, groceries are going up, people's attitudes are getting stinkier?

I dunno. I just wanna stay home. with my pumpkin spice candles, ironing board, and piles of clean clothes.

These shots are from the past couple days...I love the flexibility that homeschooling allows. You can allow each kid to do their schoolwork in positions and places that will cause them to actually do said schoolwork. Will and Mel thrive in a structured place...say, the island, with all of their paraphernalia nice 'n' neat next to them. E., on the other hand, likes to sprawl out somewhere, maybe the couch today, his bed the next. I've got to watch that one though. He will "accidentally" misplace his work...

Levi is doing quite well with his desire to learn and actually putting out some decent Kindy work. He is grasping the concept that the letters in his name must be in a certain order. He loves, loves, loves cutting and is doing quite well recognizing his letters. All in all, we are on track.

Now if I could find a good writing program.


Tory said...

Cute, very cute! I love everyone of the pictures. As for not wanting to do anything, that's what happens in the fall. Our bodies are preparing for "hibernation"'re just used to identifying it more with pregnancy and children. It's just normal. Hope you get out of the slump soon; maybe at coffee tonight.


wv: jgzbcx

Anonymous said...

It's from "Scrooged" with Bill Murray when the little fairy asks if they like her pretty little dress, right?

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

You got it, Andy!!
Pretty little dress...favorite line.

velvet said...

i say relax and enjoy the home time! you guys are busy bees so much - sometimes it's nice to take a break :) although i leave the house so i DON'T have to be with my ironing board and piles of clothes :)
hey, do you guys use one specific curriculum for hs? just wondering :)

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...


Hey chicky. hopefully you will read this..I tried to comment on your blog earlier today and it wouldn't let me. having a real prob with that lately!! I'll check it out again later!

As for HS curriculum...we piece it together. Apologia Science, Saxon Algebra (ick), kinda stuck on a good English but using what I have right now and that's Climbing to Good English...I need to add to it. We are using ABeka History with Story of the World as well...Check out Mystery of History...I have heard that is good and will probably use that with coordinates Bible time with what was happening out and about in the world etc.

I need to email ya!

Sounds like you are having a good start to your homeschooling life! You have been in my thoughts and prayers!


Hannah-Indiana said...

Hi, Mrs. Y! Love the new look! As a matter of fact, hope you don't mind that I used the same website to pick out my new template. Yeah, I know. I keep copying off of you and choosing the same websites to pick out new templates. They rock!

Stickers said...

You are SOOOO Pregnant. That's my guess anyway.


Charmaine said...

I love your pics of "real life" homeschooling!

We did history outside today and the girls sat on the porch and wrote their reports on clipboards. Good reports too! And I was in the porch rocker.
The school bus went by in the middle of it and none of us felt any longing...

Meanwhile, Brett was sitting in a "tank" he had made, "shooting" the neighbors, but that's another story...

Ya gonna call me back???