Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Late Summer Tuesday

determined to get the wood stove opened!

uh-oh...time for a shpank shpank

Pesky girl

I'm comin' to getcha

Did you realize that this is the last Tuesday of summer? The Autumnal Equinox gets here next Monday so soak it up...time to winterize the pool, put away the torches and tubes and throw away all the plants that have died! (My tomatoes stunk this year...Tory, next year I will not container garden, promise)...

Not too much happening today...Tuesdays are generally quiet around the homestead. Slow news day...

~Piano at 2:30

~Dentist at 3:30

~Errands the entire rest of today...poor kids.

One of the main things I am hoping to do when out and about is exchange my camera...I appreciate the little Kodak that I have but it's just not the same. When u are a seasoned photographer like me ( hee hee, big joke ), it's hard to go back to small time. You know that I'm kidding here, right?

Molly's walking around with my empty camera case high up on her baby shoulder, like it's her purse. That poor little thing must be cutting new teeth because she is sporting a burned bum. She's been blessed thus far with no major rashies so she isn't quite sure what to do with a sore bum. I told her she'd better get used to a sore bum, especially when she keeps on trying to go up the scary stairs. she is a stubborn soul. really. (she is so darn cute). Pointing, that's another new thing. She jabbers at whatever it is she is pointing at and you know she thinks she is really telling you something.

umm, my bum hurts something fierce. please pray that my teeth break thru soon! (she looks like a Muppet here, doesn't she?)

This is Levi, taken last week, when he went on a job with David...he is really into matchbox cars right now...and this is what he does with them. If you come to our house, you will most likely trip over a car here and there....they are not fun to trip on in the middle of the night.

~One month from today is Will's birthday...he'll turn FOURTEEN. Tomorrow is Brittany and Paul's 14th anniversary. Are u surprised I remembered that, Britt? I will never forget your wedding for many reasons but the main one is that it was so hot and I was so pregnant. and it was the first wedding I had attended where they did a slideshow of bride/groom pix. Novel idea...forget attaching pix to poster board...things we learn along the way. Happy Anniversary kids!! (go check out her blog...it's on my blog list - A Legacy for My Arrows)


Brittany said...

Wow! I made your blog! I can NOT believe you remember! I was going to post to you tomorrow and remind you how ginormous your belly was in my wedding video! ha! Who knew there'd be 4 to follow, huh? Thanks for the shout out!

Also, Molly is just stinkin' cute. I love the pics you take of her and post. It just cracks me up.

Man, do I wish we lived closer...

Love ya, Girl!

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

Hope you have wonderful anniversary memories in the making tomorrow, lady! I will never forget our post marriage talks in my basement apt when I lived there and when Amy did as well! Remember those stories?? classics!

I wish we lived closer too! Our families would have fun together, I know it!

Love ya, kids!!


Tory said...

Loved the pix of Moll the "Monsta"! She is so cute that it's hard to believe that she's so mischevious. Thanks for sharing even the "ugly" pix in life...man what a look!

Hugs, t

wv: gzivrj (sounds like something you say to a baby...gucci, gucci, goo...maybe that's why kids like gucci?!)

Anonymous said...

These pics are just absolutely adorable!!! I can't believe the babies are already up, running around getting into trouble! It seems like just yesterday....hmmm

Oh, and what you mean 'poor kids'?! How 'bout 'poor mom'!? You wear me out!!! At least kids are resilient (SP?) unlike us old broads...xoxo