Friday, February 29, 2008

Check out Levi's bathrobe

I think we mentioned Levi's tiny robe the other day and my camera just now quit acting weird and let me upload the pictures. It was so funny that he asked me to take his picture for my blog. Isn't it funny how things are SO different for our kids as they were for us? What's a blog? How is it that you can see your pictures as you take them? Weeeeird! Times are changing!

Here he is showing me my blog, and telling me where I need to put his picture! He is such a poser...

This is how lovely fell asleep yesterday..doesn't this look painful?? There is just something about having her face buried...she is so opposite of me in this respect!

The kids all had teeth cleanings yesterday morning..we got to spend 2 hours waiting, if not more...this is where we took this's so nice to have kids that want to help out with the little ones and that actually enjoy doing so! Molly was Ethan's mini-me yesterday...her face was as round as his!

I love Fridays! It's cleaning day! yah! My kids are so excited! It's 10:30 almost and we still aren't getting anything done for the day it looks like I'm going to have to get out my whistle, get my big stick out and get things moving around here! I never knew that being a mom meant that you had to constantly stay on your kids to get ANYTHING done. Sorry for all those years of not listening to you, Mom and Dad.

Looks like we are in store for a quiet weekend. That will be nice! David is in Missouri so we won't have anything to do. Beck, if you can, spend the night tonight....that will be fun! Maybe we could do pizza, ay? lemme know. Time to go light a fire under the troops' bottoms. Have a blessed weekend! Enjoy the warmer weather!


becky said...

I'm all over the 'Za. Sounds good.

I'll let you know as soon as i know what the plan is. If not tonight, than definitely tomorrow night!

Smooches, Kara said...

hey Young Lady where is your fridge!?!?! :)

I want to come over and spend the night!! Bring some canvases and paint. That would be to much fun!!

Natalie said...

Hah! Levi! These pictures are beyond adorable.

velvet said...

such cute pix! love the facedown sleeping on the blanket! and e snuggling the babe - sooo sweet!!
ps - sky has a robe he is really proud of, too! sillies.

Sherry at the Zoo said... LOVE to clean??? So...whatcha doin' next Friday?

My house is really the way!