Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hide your camera from your kids Part #3 is it?

Last night, I went up to help my lovely sister with some preparations for her Uppercase Living party (to be blogged later)...I love to leave the camera somewhere in Ethan's area...I erased a few of the nostril and other unexplained pix that were on the cam and these are the ones I decided to keep. He obviously has something to say. He loves to take pix of Levi and Molly. Levi is sheer cheesecake. Poser dude.
this last pic is Will very studiously working on his schoolwork at the island. So what is E. doing when he should be working on his fractions or nouns? goofing off. typical. he is so my child.
Our History club went well today...not a lot of peeps showed up, or so it seemed (cold and flu season is a bear)...but it was great, glad it's over for now. Kara, I could have so totally used your input on this...Why don't you live closer to me??? why? Tonight it was, as I mentioned, B's UL party...awesome stuff. I have some seri0usly fun pix to post from there but I'm going to bed...i will do it in the morn. When I feel a bit fresher and stuff. Good night, all. Love and peace to you!


Sherry said...

OK. LEt me get this are NOT home, nor is Dave, AND Will is doing schoolwork, on his own, just as he is supposed to be? OK girlfriend...what's the secret? Give it up do you get him to do it. Come on. Tell us....

athomemama said...

Hmmmm, I don't think I can share my secret...but actually, I think the threat of math needing to be completed by the end of March is enough to spur Will on. and the fact that I threatened to "beat 'im" when I got home. hee hee. j/k. kinda. :)
He's a responsible kid...(he gets that from his father)