Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Update

Sweet girl with her new Build-A-Bear Leopard, Pawly (aka Polly)

Notice how well I'm sitting up...won't be long now.
I am seven months old now

the coffee shop right next door to Pizza Hut...
His face is frozen this way......

It was another crazy weekend. Weekends are almost busier for us than weekdays. I guess that makes sense, with sports or worship services and then family time...etc.

Friday night, Mel, Molly and I went to the mall with fellow blogger and good friend, Sherry and Sophia. They forced me into the Build-A-Bear workshop (hee hee) and Sophie was so afraid that I was going to lose the leopard (we still have it, Soph...) The top photos of Molly with her new pink leopard are the result of that trip. Last year, I took each kid and did something with just them, and they got to pick something to do that would cost us some money...E. went first since it was around his b-day. He chose a Build-A-Bear for his special day out and chose a koala w/ a Batman outfit (just thought of a great post for later). That idea really took off and when it was Mel's turn, she chose a Hula Monkey (see post from awhile back, where Molly wore said hula outfit)...Will chose the turtle with Superman garb and we totally forgot (but seriously need to) take Levi to get his...I would have done his Friday night but it is quite necessary for him to be with me to pick out his animal and to kiss the heart that they put inside etc. We did Molly's because I was going to do one for her birth and forgot about that too. Yes, I'm slacking. No, you cannot get on me about that. We will do Levi's soon....Gma. can keep all the older kids and maybe even Molly and let me run Tiny up to the mall. I won't forget my camera this time.
Saturday was a nice, quiet in the house kinda day. David worked on the broken treadmill. (It's still broken)...I cleaned. The big boys helped my brother and dad with moving some stuff out of storage and Mel helped me with the two little kids. We went to Patria and it was awesome. It is good to be reminded that God loved us so much that his Son died for us. Talk about the ultimate "Valentine". That kinda puts mom and dad sacrifice in a new light...we can do what we do for our families because of what Christ did for us. And we should do it JOYFULLY! It is so easy to yell and get frustrated (I know, this is how I work)...this is where we take a deep breath. nice and deep, think about the damage we do every time we yell. there. I'm talking to my self first and foremost but if this applies to you...STOP IT!
Ok, back to the weekend...We went to the worship service yesterday and that was nice...we had met a really nice couple at our Newcomer's gathering on Kidney Stone Sunday...Patty and Jeff...she kept Molly out in the foyer for me so I could sit in the service (whatta nice chicky)...I would have put M. in the nursery but she has the tail end of a pretty chunky cough. They are really nice and have made us feel a part of this church body (as well as the other peeps we know already). I think David and Jeff are even going to try to do lunch...(which reminds me, Stickers, we have yet to meet your new friend...what's the hold-up??? :) )
Last night, we rode up to some jobs with David, got some coffee, picked up some shelves at my parentals (nice to see ya) and got a couple Pizza Hut thin veggie pizzas on the way home. Came home and watched "Dear Frankie"...if you haven't seen this chick flick, do it. David even gets choked up with this one.

Maaaaaaaaan it's cold here...I wouldn't mind pulling up my stakes and heading out west right about's nasty cold here and spring can come any ol' time now!! (summer, you stay away, you hear???)
Pardon the blabby post...if you didn't like it, you wouldn't keep coming back! it's like a car can't it help but keep lookin'. I know. the ticker at the bottom doesn't lie.
Here's to a good Monday morning for you and a blessed, warm week. Peace.


Sherry said...

What cutie-pie pictures of Miss Molly and Miss Pawly! She is sitting up just like a big girl! I didn't know she could do it by herself! Everytime I see her there is a long line wanting their turn to hold her....LOL!

becky said...

I JUST WANT TO SNUGGLE HER!!! She is just the happiest little thing! Too cute!!