Monday, February 4, 2008

Whatta Guy

Sweet baby David Y.
D. no longer wears these glasses, or any glasses for that matter,
Thanks to laser eye surgery!

This is a desperate post. Desperate in the fact that I'm so tired tonight and have not taken any pix over the past few days. I'll get back up on it. man, I have heartburn's like being preggers again.
I love this guy! This sticker on the first page says I'm gonna marry that boy someday... weird to think I married that little guy in that flanner sleeper.
bottom pic was taken by Kara, loving cousin. We are overdue for some updated pix...but you get all recovered from your neck surgery, k, deary?? :) I still love my '06 pix!
this is a way rambly post but o well...this cat is going to bed and you can't say I didn't post for ya, B. now put that in your pipe and smoke it!


velvet said...

it's past my bedtime, too! but just wanted to say those are really pretty scrapbook pages!! :) and you guys are such a cute couple!

Sherry said...

You are the bestest big sister to your little sister - you always make sure she starts her day with a smile! I get to reap the benefits and start my day with a smile too!

You ARE a cute couple!


Heather said...

Hokey-smokey! I thought that little munchkin in the flannel sleeper was one of your kids! Wow! You guys are a sweet, good-lookin' couple! That's a great pic of the two of you, too! Hope you got some good rest and the heartburn is gone. MWAH!

becky said...

Good morning! Sherry is RIGHT!!! You are the BEST sister! I needed a little pick me up this morning, after the night i had last night after you left...UGH! As always, thanks for coming over last night and powering through the pilates video...sorry that Mari reprimanded you during the leg kicks...she can be nasty sometimes! :) I love you!!!

Stickers said...

I just posted about a tv show. Talk about being desparate! I like D-man in glasses. Cute. You should see Drummer Boy in glasses. He's quite the hunky heart throb. I need to get a pic of him in glasses and post it. Smooch.

Smooches, Kara said...

Give me a time and place girl and my camera and I will be there!!! I LOVE doing couple shots. Sometimes we get caught up in taking the cutie patootie kiddos pictures that we tend to forget we are still growing as people to and need to capture the Mom's and Dad's that are usually behind the scenes!

I feel inspired!!