Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Beantzy!

This is lovely Becky, her senior year end of the school year banquet....David, the two boys and I were in N. Dakota at this point, so I missed getting to photograph this event!!

Here are my parents' four offspring...I was prego with Melanie here, Andy and Tom were up from Florida for the holidays, where they were going to Bible College and Becky had obviously been tanning. :) it's not a bad idea right about now...hmm.

This may seem disrespectful but if you knew my Gram. Taylor at all, she would have thought this was funny. On one of our trips up to MI, we stopped by the cemetery to see Gram's new headstone...Beck, being very similar to her grandmother, thought it would be "fun" to get in the picture. don't hate.

I think this was 1996, when she was crowned homecoming queen. She was and still is a beauty! Love you, girl!! (she is pictured with her friend, Ryan, who was the King)

I think these pics speak for themselves but really, Becky, we are so thankful for you and the joy and fun that you bring to all of our lives. I love that we have a slew of movie lines we use on each other, that we can go together, into the deep of night to get our hair done at Michelle's, that you've been with me for each of my deliveries and that I've gotten to be with you for each of yours, that we can vent to each other, that we find the exact things funny.

I could go on but we are running late to be out of the Happy Birthday, Young Lady. Hope your birthday MONTH has been memorable. I thought of what I am going to get the way.

Have a great day, to all of you bloggin' buddies...I still have to do my fridge meme but Sherry over at Sherry's Zoo and Garden is going to show me how to get the tag over here.


Heather said...

Happy Birthday, B!!
She's a beauty! You BOTH are! You've got such a great family.

velvet said...

your sis is such a pretty one! just like you :)
hey laurie, did you change your email address? the latest emails i have sent to you keep getting sent back to me. maybe i have the wrong address. or maybe you just don't want my stinkin' emails! :)

In my 20's no more... said...

Thank you, ladies! I've been 30 for almost 5 hours now and i'm still doin' okay (aside from the injured knee from my post-hair color {I know, velvet! Chemicals! If i were a natural beauty, maybe i could do without...}fall last night!) Thank you for all of the kind things you say, Laurie. I think you like me, you really like me. I love you so much and will talk to you later. I haven't been able to send you emails, either. Get that crap straightened out before you leave again, ya hear me? Love you ! Off to the license branch (PAR-TAY)...

velvet said...

aw, b, you ARE a natural beauty and you know it!! i won't judge you for your hair chemicals if you don't judge me for mine :) hair coloring is my weakness!
welcome to the thirties!!!!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Happy Birthday Becky! You are your sister are both hillarious. You crack me up so much. It's great to see sisters who are so close. You ROCK!

Hey, me so I can walk you through, or if you are in my neck of the woods stop by so I can show you that.....