Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cute little nephews...that's who they are

These are my brother's sons...Duncan and Charlie. They are 6 and 4 respectively and they are so sweet!
Sad thing is, I don't know these little dudes as well as I wish I did...they came at Christmastime and that was nice to get to know them a little bit better...I tried to kidnap them but Andy wouldn't let me. jerk. (just kiddin' Duke)
It's so strange to look at these little boys and see my brother. I can do that all day long here with Beck...seeing the similarities between her and her daughters...and I'm so glad to be able to be near them. Duncan is Andy's mini-me...Charlie is even starting to fill out and take on some Andy-characteristics! I love you, little guys! I hope you know that!
That's all I have right now...maybe my kid bro will send me some more pix of these dudes. Thanks for letting me get mopey. hope your hump day is marvelous! we got snow....ugh. and you can go now winter. really. any time. spring will be such a welcome change.
off to run some errands!!

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Sherry at the Zoo said...

Cute pictures. I need a lesson in how to scan old-fashioned pictures....

How are those errands coming?