Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Second born son

Ping Pong Pro...say that fast 3 x's...
cute little dudes!!
E's very first picture!! this is where I was thinking, "another boy??" I knew my time had come...the real test was only beginning...(and then D. moved us to N. Dakota when this one was just 5 weeks old...that's a story for another day)
the infamous Desitin picture...baaaaaaaaaad boy.
Not much to say...just some more E! This last pic is one of my all time E faves. He was a "bad boy" right from the get go...from 2 days of on/off labor to playing in mud, Desitin, writing on walls...he did all the things that Will NEVER tried to do! and still does. push those buttons, kid. we'll push right back! :) E is a cool dude...that much is true. He would do anything for you! That's what keeps me going! We love you, Cupid! You are a rare gem!
I think I really will go to bed, now that it's 2:45 a.m. and the little ones will get up at 8...argh.


velvet said...

such cuteness. and mischief!
the way you describe him sounds so much like sharkey :) full of the dickens, as my mother would say!

athomemama said...

your momma said it right...full of the dickens, grandest understatement for this kid. I'll be praying for you two as you raise Sharkey...:)
how are you doing today?

The Zoo said...

What a cutie pututie! Can we borrow him for a few months?