Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ode to Becky

I love this shot...
I don't love this shot...though Gma is in it
you look so young Beck...
You look really young here as well...:)
"Hi, My name is Becky...my shirt says so!!"

Florida, brother's wedding...Becky was my right hand gal!!

There is no denying it, I loooooove my little sister. We have always been close, tight, inseparable (there were times though, right Beck, where you wished we weren't related???) and I am so thankful for the gift of my kid sis. I think we are even closer now that we are married and mothers...something about being in the trenches of real life, that just bring you closer to the ones around you! So here's to you...in this last week of your TWENTIES, Rebecca...enjoy them...for next week, it's thirtysomething and it all goes down hill after that! (hee hee) I know I have said it before but I will say it again, I am so thankful for you, Rebecca!!

Beck, I need to get by your house and go thru those pix...I gotta find that brown turtle neck picture...that WILL be on here!!

Today is a "quiet" day...piano lessons, school, exercise (looooove the elliptical), laundry, banking...blogging. The boys want to start their own blog today so if they can get their stuff in order, I may let them. :) hope you are having a magnificent day! I know I AM!!


Stickers said...

"You're not too bright are you?" "Well, No" "Perfect"

Let's see if anyone else get's it? Thanks for the coffee. Sorry I talked too much. Dern. I always do that. (You're use to it from D-man, though - love you Dave!) I'll wear duck tape next time!

I have a puking child today. She's actually throwing up as I type. I guess I'd better go show some sympathy. Smooch.

Sherry at the Zoo said...

I need you to show me how to scan in old pictures so I can post pictures from B.D.C. (Before digital camera)


Heather said...

You make me misty-eyed. That's such a sweet post! I wanna' pick up and move closer to my little sissy...
I LOOOOVE the old pictures, too! Becky needs to dig out that old sweater w/ her name on it...tehehe! Gotta' love the tragic fashion of the 80s!