Sunday, February 17, 2008

ok, blogger won't cooperate...

I've been trying to post pix from E's birthday party alllllll afternoon. Blogger at least let me post these, but I have a few more pix, say, of Will, Nora, the rest of the family...and then some other ones from the weekend and all with the sheer joy of my new camera!
I love the Molly ones but my fave (if there had to be one) is where she is sucking in her top lip. She is a funny li'l thing. I will try to post the rest of the pix!
E. had a nice party...busy, busy weekend. always kinda glad for low-key Monday.
Ok, time to back soon. peace.


velvet said...

what sweet pix!! and cute shirt, e! :)

Brittany said...

LOVE E's shirt! How cool. I can't believe you have a teenager! E looks like such a cool kid. I wish we lived closer...*sigh*

Sherry at the Zoo said...

that little Mollykins is so cute she should be a model for a baby doll!