Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cupid's on his way...but in the meantime...

A classic pic we had taken when he turned 5! It seems like we just did this but it's been 7 years ago now! He was (and still is) such a charmer!
This boy always has a weapon in his hand, which could be from being the second boy...very defensive! He loves all things gun and sword. He was 2.5 in this picture.
Cody Stark from Fox 59 (no longer there) showed up at our house on 12/3/01 to do the weather and he and E. hit it off...they are both goofballs!
Thoughtful boy, probably thinking up ways to bother me, even at the age of 3
Big boy turns ONE!
My two February sweeties...up in the mountains of Montana (2001)
Dual Birthday candles..Beck and E. once again, E. turning 2, Beck turning 19.
He spent a lot of time in this pose as a youngster and probably still should!
Hanging with one of our dogs...this dog lasted less than a year for us!
a tad more E...
I have loads of pix of this boy...I could devote a whole blog to him. which reminds me, I am thinking of letting the 3 big kids start their own group blog.
Not much happening here...the snow blast that they predicted has once again avoided us. But it looks like we are getting a nice layer of ice sprinkled onto us, which makes for some dangerous times.
Lots to do to day but wanted to get something on here, albeit late for you, Beckydear. Thanks for letting me come up and use your elliptical last night. Hope you had enough energy to fit some B time in!


velvet said...

great pix!! his eyes are amazing - the ladies are gonna love him in a few years!! hope you guys are doing well - sorry for all your icky weather!

Stickers said...

Cal-Bean wants to blog. Let me know how you are going to do this. We need to have a meeting about it, I think. Maybe at Starbucks or something???? Smooch.

dmoms said...

my son wants his own blog or a regular guest appearance on mine...I can't decide.

Heather said...

Awww...he's such a sweetie pie! Don't tell him I said that, though, he's a big, tough man, now! Happy Birthday week, E!
You're such a good mom, paying tribute to your babes on their b'days. Which, by the way, I think YOU should be celebrated, too! You shed a lot of blood, sweat and tears so he could come into this World! Happy E's Birthday week to you, Momma!

The Zoo said...

OK. Man. I'm packing up and movign to Montana! How cool is that scene?

Hannah-Indiana said...

Awwwww!! Ethan looked just like a doll, no kidding!