Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Big girl in a cart & power outages

Expect more. Pay less.

Levi will be in the picture one way or another.
Yesterday was a very mild day, temps in the mid-50's to low 60's. After Will's orthodontist appt. to reattach a spring, we ran into Target...Molly is just getting too heavy to carry in her baby for fun, I put her in the basket...she didn't quite know what to think but by the time we were done, she was getting the hang of it. It is so funny to watch her see the world in a different way...I think she will really dig observing things from an upward position now! She was just soaking in the passing traffic...(I should've gotten that picture)...
The picture of our washed out driveway is just to show you how much rain we got last night...there is a big trench from the pool area down to the ravine area...craaaaaazy.
I went out with my BFF's last night and after gathering my children from their various places and waiting out the storm at my parents, we came home to NO ELECTRICITY. If you've ever been to our house or our area, you know how spooky that can drive down Delivrance road (that's what I call the street behind our subdivision, where the housing is very questionable) and see NO LIGHTS, only candles. I thought for sure our street would have lights. Nope. nothing. nada. needless to say, we came in, lit some of our Y2K candles (they come in handy in moments like this)...set up blankets and sleeping bags and read our Story of the World by candle and flashlight. Halfway thru, pop, everything started whirring and we were back in business. We still finished up our reading with no lights on but then proceeded to turn on our Gilligan's Island DVD. I so wanted to blog but I fell asleep in my chair...hope you all are safe and dry today. Much to do around here to prepare for our Early Modern History club tomorrow...and my sister's Uppercase Living party tomorrow night (You can come if you's neat stuff...see my friend Nicky's site, The Scoop on Stickers to see more about it). Over and out!


becky said...

What a big girl!!! I can't believe it's already time for sitting in the cart...hopefully she doesn't pull the stunt that she was pulling at my house SUnday night. I've watched that video twice today. Too funny...I see a future of self portraits for Levi...don't let him get the camera!!! :) See you tonight!

Sherry said...

Molly can't be that big already - it's just not right! She needs to stay little and cuddly for much longer, or someone else needs to have a baby so we can all get our fix!

Your house would be way too scary in the dark. I wouldn't want to do your driveway in the dark with that ravine right there! SCARY!

velvet said...

she is getting so big!! it's crazy how fast they grow! you have such good-lookin' kids! :)

dmoms said...

sometimes (when prepared) I love it when we have no electricity. No tv, no lights, no distractions, just sitting around the candlelight with only but each other.

Smooches, Kara said...

OH my preciaou Target!!! What was it like to walk in it's doors? It has been to long I have almost forgotten!! Did the Target angels sing when you glided through it's red gates?

My friend Naomi promises to take me soon!!