Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rest of the party...

E's DS carrying case...
he let Pipes and Levi open some of his gifts...he's so patient!
Nora eatin' her sweet taters
crisco goodness...
Mr. Teenager
Hey, blogger let me put some more pix up but it's still acting weird.
E. got some clothing, DS games, DS carrying case, Nerf gun that he will be returning since it's kinda We ate some subs and B's homemade mac n cheese...(good carbs)...then cake!! David and the boys went up to work in Lafayette after the party so they've been gone all evening. nice and quiet. that is for sure.
Ok, well, I will post more on here later...up next, commemoration of Becky, since she will be turning 30 in less than 10 days.
Good night everyone.


Stickers said...

To add pictures I am having to save my writing then go back into edit. It will then let me add a picture. Spell check is still not working. What else can I complain about today? I can't, I have to get everything done so I can go have coffee with someone special. Smooch.

Laurie and crew... said...

what is up w/ blogger??
can't wait for the coffee date!! I'm leaving all of my kids with mi mamacita!!
see you in a bit.

Heather said...

Are you going to know what to do w/ yourself w/o your kidlets? (OK, that was a bit creepy - butting in on a convo that I'm not a part of) That's me - Nosy Parker!
LOVE the pics, as always. You've got some really good lookin' children and nieces!
Ah, to be turning 30...young little spring chicken that she is!
OK, now I have to go and Google a DS...yes, I'm that out-of-the-loop I don't have any idea what it's electronic, right?

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Oh you lucky dogs. Drink a Star Bucks for me, ok?