Saturday, March 1, 2008

sleepovers and such

Last night, Beck, Piper, and Nora came to spend the night with us. These last three pix are from that little overnight fun. Molly slept very well and I realized after that night as to why my sister is so tired most of the time...she sleeps with her child and holds her most of the night, to keep Nora sleeping! poor, crazy B. :)
these top few pix are just some more that should be under the heading "reasons to hide your camera from your kids" though most of the time, they take pretty cool pix and it's neat to see things thru their eyes.
A quiet day around the homestead and off to our Patria tonight! Hope you all have a restful weekend.


velvet said...

so cute with the babies in the bed together! they will probably grow up to be so close :) and tell your sis i know how it is - almost two years later, sharkey is still sleeping in our bed :)

Stickers said...

What fun. Enjoy your weekend. See you at church today. Smooch.

dmoms said...

i am really feeling the need to pinch those thighs! so cute!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

You know...we made that mistake with Seth...held him all night so he would sleep. I wish we would have just put him down and let him cry it out. I think he would have been a better sleeper in the long run. Beck has my sympathies man...I feel for her!

Cute pictures!

beablessn said...

The babies in bed photo is sooo cute.
I know of someone who had their child sleeping in their bed until she was 9. Not until the couple had another child old enough for the kids to sleep together did the parents get to sleep alone. Felt so bad for them.

becky said...

Methinks Miss Nora is going to have a crash course in "self soothing" this week! Thanks for having us over Fri night! We had fun and Piper wants to sleep over there every night. I figured i would just throw her into your mix of kids and you'd never notice...except when you heard two little voices (P and L) calling each other jerks back an forth. Ahhh, the good times! I love the pics of M and N in the bed together. I hope they grow up as close as you and i are. They are both such sweet girls!!! Thanks to your big kids for helping keep Piper occupied! We love all of you!!!